Luke Matheny at the Oscars: Why We All Loved Him

Did you hate the Oscars? Thought it was too long, too boring, filled with too many tributes and unfortunate Celine Dion songs? Take a second today to send a thank you note to Luke Matheny, then, because the winner of Best Live Action Short Film (for God of Love) gave us the closest thing to a Roberto Benigni moment we've had in years.

I think I'm in the minority in that I enjoyed almost everything about the Oscars last night, even James Franco's perma-grin as he seemingly channeled his character from Pineapple Express. Barring that costume lady's robotic, grim acceptance speech, and whatever that godawful Auto-Tune montage was, I thought the whole night was fairly entertaining.

(Then again, I have two young boys. My life is fart jokes and "Hey Mom! Look at my butt!")

Even the haters can probably agree that things livened up when NYU student Matheny took the stage, though. Why did he instantly win over our collective hearts?


He was sincere. As he accepted the award for Best Live Action Short Film, Matheny was truly shocked and overjoyed. Not like the fake kind of air-quote "shocked" that Melissa Leo keeps going for, but the real deal.

He was adorkable.
OMG, his MASSIVE BOUFFANT HAIR. His gangly, goofy-framed EVERYTHING. "I should've got a haircut," he joked, and everyone went, WE ARE SO GLAD YOU DIDN'T.

He was heartfelt. His speech was funny, short, and sweet. He thanked his mom, who did craft services for the cast and crew. He thanked the "love of his life," who scored the film.

He made us want to see his film. I do, anyway. It's called God of Love, and it's described as a quirky 18-minute short film about a jazz crooner who performs amazing dart tricks on stage. Here's the trailer:

Did you enjoy seeing Luke Matheny's speech last night?

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