Trent Reznor Got Old & Chubby, But I Still Love Him

trent reznorIt's going to happen to all of us eventually. We're going to get a little soft around the edges and we're going to be less cool. It's hard to see this happen to one of the sexiest rock stars out there, but I suppose he's only human. Trent Reznor, excuse me. Let me start over. Academy Award winner Trent Reznor used to be one rocking bad ass with tight tees, pants, and guitar riffs. Now he's won an Oscar for scoring The Social Network.

Eleven years ago, there were the girls who liked 'NSync, and the girls who liked Nine Inch Nails. If you would have told me back then that one day, the NIN front-man would win an Oscar for his score of a movie starring Justin Timberlake, I would've called you crazy. Trent would never do anything so ... boring.


But it happened, and the music in The Social Network was one of the best things about the movie. Trent deserved to win. When he stood up in the crowd in his tux, I almost didn't recognize him. He looked so ... normal. Like a dad would. Like a responsible parent with bills, a mortgage, and private school tuition on his mind. There was no guyliner, no air of rampant drug use, no blood-shot eyes.

As far as I can tell, he doesn't have any kids, but he is 45. Trent Reznor is 45. And he showered and trimmed his old-man beard, cut his bangs, and delivered a poignant acceptance speech in which he said he was humbled and flattered. Then he thanked the Academy and his wife, and gracefully exited the stage.

There were no fireworks, no light shows, no references to violent sex ... no rock star attitude. Trent was tamer than Melissa Leo, for crying out loud! It makes me feel old, and oddly proud, to see Trent so decidedly normal. It's as if he was a no-name accepting an award for special effects or something. No guile, no compunction, just gratitude.

Slow clap for you, Trent. Although I miss your rock-star body and moves with the mic, it's nice to see you've still got some great music in you, and I look forward to more.

What do you think of Trent's evolution?

Photo via Burns!/Flickr

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