Kirk Douglas Oscars Bit Proves Young & Hip Has Nothing on Old Hollywood (VIDEO)

Kirk Douglas OScarsIt was one win no one saw coming in last night's Oscar show -- Kirk Douglas at the ripe age of 94 took home the award for best presenter of the night. Handing out the award for best supporting actress, he had no need for gimmicks or even a script. That's what they call stage presence, folks.

As I watched in my jammies, I couldn't help but wonder what the producers, who made no bones about trying to attract a "younger, hipper" audience, thought as the Spartacus star produced laugh after laugh, schooling the young hottie James Franco and Anne Hathaway on how to command a stage.

As the show droned on and on (and on and on), Kirk Douglas' appearance remained the highlight of the evening. Boy, they sure don't make' em like that anymore.


Usually the award is presented by the last year's winner, but Mo’Nique (who won Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in Precious) declined to be a presenter (lots of opinions as to why). So, The Powers That Be turned to Kirk Douglas.

Granted, it was an easy choice -- Kirk's always been da bomb. A heartthrob back in his day, he is considered one of the greatest male screen legends of all time. After his stroke in 1996, he received intensive therapy to regain his speech -- which, as we all saw last night, is a miracle. And he's a blogger, which makes my heart go pitter-patter.

With comic timing worthy of Jon Stewart and Bob Hope combined, he cracked jokes, stalled in the reveal of the winner not once but twice, mock-wrestled over his cane with a special stage helper. He was hilarious. He was spry. He was en fuego.

Yup, James Franco, Justin Timberlake, all of you young guns -- take some notes from this guy. He's the real thing, baby.

What did you think of Kirk Douglas on the Oscars?


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