Kelsey Grammer Weds, Confirms He's an Insensitive Jerk

Kelsey GrammerIn a lovely private ceremony yesterday afternoon in New York, Kelsey Grammer married his new love, Kayte Walsh at the Longacre Theatre. An extravagant reception followed at the Plaza Hotel where guests feasted on everything from poached shrimp to a 55-inch-tall carrot cake.

Attendees gushed about how "wonderful" it was and how "very much in love" the couple appeared. Sounds perfect, except for that one little matter: His divorce from Camille Grammer was just finalized TWO WEEKS ago. Two weeks, that's it. Call me crazy, but I call that being an insensitive jerk no matter what the circumstances.


I'm no fan of Camille Grammer; I wouldn't be able to stay married to her either. But at least for the sake of appearances, the former Dr. Fraiser Crane could have waited. At this point, the most-hated Housewife is starting to look sort of saintly next to his crass moves.

It's bad enough he couldn't wait to start dating Walsh until he let Camille know he was done with their relationship. Camille only filed for divorce seven months ago, then they sped through the divorce so he could race down the aisle. What's the rush, Kelsey?

It's not like he has never been married before, that's for sure. Walsh is his fourth wife, so it really can't be about the new thrill of the deal anymore. He's been there, done that plenty. My guess is it's Kayte's prodding, that it was she who was chomping at the bit to get that ring on her finger. I mean if the others couldn't keep him, who's to say how long she will be able to do so. And you know how much Camille stands to gain from her days with Kelsey -- figures to the tune of $50 million. So yeah, I might be pushing him to put a ring on it too ... if I was a gold digger.

The whole thing just feels so wrong and so dismissive of Kelsey and Camille's 14 years together in which they brought two children into the world. This comment he made to People last month feels like such a slap in the face to all of it:

"I've never been happier in my life," he said of his current life.

Ouch, just ouch.

And for the final blow, check out this picture TMZ posted of just how much Walsh's dress looks like the one Camille Donatacci wore when she wed Kelsey. Seriously, she couldn't have chosen something a little different?

Do you think it's insensitive of Kelsey Grammer to wed again so soon after his divorce from Camille Grammer?

Image via chascow/Flickr

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