Halle Berry Shows Her Racist Side


halle berryHalle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been at each other’s throats for what seems like an eternity. He’s supposedly acting like a racist pig, and the allegations that he loses it every time their daughter, Nahla, is referred to as "black" aren’t helping any. Halle seems to have had enough and is firing back with some racism of her own, insisting that Nahla be referred to as black -- and even invoking the one-drop theory.

The theory states that anyone who has even a single drop of African blood in them is black. It dates back to slavery days, when it was used to enslave as many people as possible, and to segregate the rest.

Why in the world does Halle feel the need to drag out such a negative historical reference?

It’s one thing for Halle to identify as black, but by invoking the one-drop rule, she’s essentially ruling out half of her heritage: the white half. Now she’s doing the same thing to Nahla. Of course, as her parent, Halle has the right to decide how to raise her child, but why is it so important to her to deny the white half of Nahla’s lineage?

We all know that both of them are part black. No one is disputing that -- except, of course, Aubry. What I don’t understand is the need to declare, via a racist "rule," that they are both all black.

In her vehement opposition to having Nahla referred to as white, Halle is doing exactly what Aubry is doing. She’s every bit as racist as he is if she continues to denigrate the white blood in Nahla’s veins. Dragging up such a hateful -- and hate-filled -- rule makes it even worse. Halle could have simply stated that she identifies herself as black, and her daughter as well.

A thoughtful commentary on why that’s important to her would hold much more weight than these spears she’s throwing. I can only hope she’s throwing them to get at Aubry, and not because she actually believes in denying an entire half of her daughter’s life. 

What do you think about Halle Berry invoking the one-drop rule?


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Christeen Conrad

How does saying your one of your races, make you a racist? Anyways where is all this information coming from? Until some real information comes out it's all just gossip.

ZsMommy ZsMommy

Guess what...Civilization was ALL black if the tracings of the origins of life are true...Wateched a documentary on PBS once how a scientist/geniologist traced blood origins all the way back to Africa/Egypt...and it has to do w/ location (skin color) -Those exposed to the sun the most genetically were programmed to bear offspring with brown or black skin...as humans travelled across continents and sun exposure was lessened (cold areas=cloth covering-less sun to skin exposure) DNA changed and genetics started to lighten-that's why various regious of the world have various skin colors...


I really used to like Halle Barry but I really am beginning to wonder about her and the choices she makes in her life. When someone is always the common denominator, something else is up. She always claims she's been wronged and that's beginning to get to me. I don't believe all of her relationship fails are all totally someone else's fault.

I feel nothing but sorry for that poor little girl.

ksbon... ksbondgirl

The real deal is this.  NO ONE cared about mixed blacks claiming their white heritage until our current president got elected.  No one wants to see a mixed black man in the white house--it seems that in many circles he has to be half white in order to be accepted.  Halle knows what she is talking about because she has LIVED IT!  I know that story as well.  You go by what is on the birth certificate and EVERYONE knows she is black--what other choice does the child have?  You may not think that it matters and it shouldn't but believe me many times it does and you have NO control over it.  Accept it and move on!

bills... billsfan1104

KS, you talk about our president, in terms of half black and half white. I dont see it that way. I see him as a man and thats it. Its funny how it has been white side of the family that has raised Halle and the President, while their black side abandonded them. And then they want to claim that they are only black. what a shame.

nonmember avatar iamnotthere

It sounds as if Halle Berry is imposing her own insecurities, and idiocity, upon her child. With something as sensitive as ethnic identity for a multiracial child, it really is best, and healthiest just to allow them to define their own identities by teaching them about their various cultures and backgrounds.

Before spewing out uninformed bile, Halle Berry needs to realise that society has moved on a bit since the 18th century, and the only people who will take her seriously are people who even dimmer than she is.

ksbon... ksbondgirl


Not to start an argument but this is how it is.  Case in point.  An adopted woman (yes, she knew about it she just did not know who her parents were) tried to get a passport.  Her husband had retired and he wanted to take her travelling.  Her application for the passport kept getting rejected and she had no idea why.  Someone finally pointed out to her that the reason for it was because her birth father on her birth certificate was black even though she was adopted into a white family and raised as white.  When she corrected her application and put "black" on it as her race (even though she was white skinned and straight haired), her passport came through.  It's just the system that blacks did not create. 

Now if color really does not matter, why did this happen?  Halle has a white mother and a black father.  She knows what she has lived.  It's not a system that she created.  It's very real.  She just wants to be realistic.  I can't blame her.


never... neversaynever20

Look some of u ignorant white folks who have never taken the time to learn ur history, which includes black history...some of u really avoid history during slavery...maybe it's guilt..if u knew the history u would know that it is Thomas jefferson who came up with the one drop theory...He even had an affair with a slave named Sally...who was...u guessed it...1/4 black, like Nahla...so if this were still slavery times...Nahla would be a slave and would not be able to pass as white she is actually quite dark to be 1/4...so that makes her black...race is a social construct...u are how u are treated in this country...amen ksbondgirl...white people want to claim mixed black children now that we have a president who is of mixed heritage...like most of us by the way...matter of fact I think he is more black than most of us because his father came straight from the motherland...my question to some of u white folks is where were y'all 300 years ago...why didn't ur ancestors claim these mixed black children then...also...it was Halle's white mother who told Halle she was black and to be honest if Halle did not tell us she was mixed...I would not know it...I know black people with two black parents who look more mixed then halle...so there is no rhyme or reason to this people...why are u so unhappy if someone wants to claim their black side...especially if they look MORE black...what is ur fear...black is beautiful...oh and like many black people I have a mixed heritage...

nonmember avatar the real mccoy

the one-drop rule goes didn't become a law until the 20th cen. not during slavery. in fact, during slavery, a person who had 1/16 black blood was considered white. even those who were 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 white weren't considered “negro.” they were people of color. the one drop rule became more prevalent after slavery and was utilized as a tool of oppression. because "whiteness" is held as the standard, white people do not have to be aware of their race. it's different when you're a person of color living in america. if you experience racism because you look black even if your mom is white, there is validity in self-identifying as black. halle berry and president obama recognize their mixed heritages. unfortunately, many people don't look at mixed people as being mixed. If a mixed person looks more black, they are identified as black. anyway, race is a social construct, created to make the so called "white" race superior. also, minorities cannot be racist but rather prejudice. on;y the race in power can be racist. anyway, halle berry has the right to identify as she pleases and so does her daughter. i just think white people are uncomfortable with race thereby making people of color feel that their experiences with racism and identity are invalid.

bills... billsfan1104

BWHAHAHAHAHAH Never. I wasnt even around 300 yrs ago. What an indiotic question. Noone has said black was ugly, nor did anyone say they were unhappy. Halle Berry, seems to be the bitter one

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