Camille Grammer Blames Fox News for Lack of Intimacy With Kelsey

Camille GrammerWell, no wonder Camille Grammer is such an uptight, irritable (and irritating) gal on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -- she wasn't getting any for more than two years. Not from Kelsey Grammer anyway. Today she was blabbing all over about her sexless marriage, which comes on the heels of her suggestion that Kelsey may actually sport heels when pursuing one of his favorite passions -- cross dressing

Earlier today on The View, when she talked with the ladies, she seemed a bit flustered at Barbara Walters' direct questions like: "Why were you surprised that he wanted someone else?" She didn't come up with much stronger than, "something didn't click with us on an intimate level."

But in a follow-up with Joy Behar on CNN, she loosened up her lips about the situation.


“We just didn't mesh sexually," she told Joy Behar. When Behar asked whose fault it was, she responded: "Could be both, but it was more on his end."

Grammer also revealed that he didn't even like to cuddle because one of his other favorite activities got in the way.

"I love cuddling, [but] we didn't even do that. He was too busy watching Fox News, he didn't want to cuddle."

If all else fails, blame Fox News. It's a strategy that works pretty well in most cases, just not in this one.

While all her revelations are fascinating, really they are -- a Fox-News-watching, cross-dressing Frasier Crane?! It's also really sad that she feels the need to go public with so many aspects of their intimate life, especially because they have children together who are certain to hear all this dirt sooner or later.

A woman scorned is one thing, but one's children and one's dignity really should trump the need for vindication, or sound bites, or whatever the hell it is she seems bent on pursuing.

What do you think about Camille Grammer's statements about her intimate life with Kelsey Grammer?

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