'The Bachelor' Recap: Who's Crying Now?

The fifth episode of Season 15 of The Bachelor took the 11 ladies and the cheerful Texan Brad Womack off to Las Vegas -- "Sin City, baby!" Puke.

They keep calling this the most "controversial season of The Bachelor ever," but I get the sense that is really just code for "super boring." The fifth episode is always when the stakes get raised enough for the ladies to cry a lot and this episode didn't disappoint in that regard.

There were at least two face-in-the-hands sobbing moments, both after Ashley S. was sent home from the two-on-one date with Ashley H. and when Lisa M. went home at the end of the show.

I struggle to understand how these ladies managed to feel such a strong connection -- and such a strong rejection -- given the circumstances, which always leads me to one question: Where does ABC find these people?


Last night was an emotional night for Emily who is becoming far and away my favorite on the show. She lost her fiance -- a NASCAR driver -- in a plane crash when she was 19 and that fact is made extra tragic because she is now being exploited by ABC.

Truly, it's sick, sick, sick that they put her on the group date and sent her to a NASCAR track knowing that it would be emotionally hard for her. They relished every moment of filming that, and while I realize she put herself in the position to be exploited, the whole thing just left a bad feeling.

Maybe she isn't the sweet, soft spoken Southern girl looking for love that she appears to be. Maybe she is looking to be famous and using the show to get there, but regardless, it's just poor taste. There are 10 million things to do in Vegas and ABC chose NASCAR. I am pretty sure I know why.

Sure enough, they got their tears, but at what cost? Emily and Brad got closer, but for some viewers (like me), it was massive turnoff. Exploiting Emily's pain on national TV? ABC fail!

There wasn't a whole lot else that was memorable in the episode. Michelle continued to be difficult and whiny and conniving, but it looks from previews like she will be leaving soon. Shawntal told him about embalming and went on the best date ever. Something tells me the Fendi bag is going to last her longer than Brad Womack's affection. She best hang on to that!

What did you think of the episode?

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