Is SAG Award Winner 'Modern Family' About to Jump the Shark?

jumping the sharkEric Stonestreet, Sofia Vergara, and the rest of Modern Family won the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. And rightly so. It is one of the few TV shows both my husband and I watch together. Full-out guffaws are heard at some point during every episode as we sit on the couch. We will talk about it days later, still giggling over something Cameron said.

But how long will that last? Modern Family has set the bar so high with fantastic episode after fantastic episode (one of my favorites is “Unplugged,” where Cameron and Mitchell attempt to get Lily into preschool). The nanosecond an episode isn’t at a genius level, all of us uber-fans will wonder if the show has “jumped the shark.”


What constitutes jumping the shark? A show “jumps the shark” when a show’s creators, writers, and/or producers come up with not-so-great storylines.

You usually know it when you see it. When your favorite show starts to wane, to lack a certain something. Basically, when it turns kind of crappy. When the character of Miles left Murphy Brown, even the fantastic Lily Tomlin couldn’t stop that show from jumping. When Raven Simone came onto The Cosby Show. When Fonzie donned water-skis and literally jumped a shark on Happy Days.

Last night’s SAG award for Modern Family’s fabu cast got me thinking ... aside from a lack of laughs, when will I know the show has jumped the shark?

When Haley gets pregnant, Phil and Claire decide to help raise the baby, and we have a few afterschool special-type episodes? Maybe when Cameron and Mitchell hit a rough patch in their relationship? Definitely if Manny sprouts up to 6’3” and cute Cousin Armondo comes to stay with Gloria and Jay (we all remember when Cousin Oliver came to The Brady Bunch -- it was that classic show’s last season).

I have faith that the awesome writers and cast are far from hearing the theme from JAWS ... though when it does happen, I’m not sure what my husband and I will have to talk about. For the sake of my marriage, please, Modern Family, stay out of the water.


Image via mac morrison/Flickr

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