Heidi Klum to GOOP, Too? God Help Us!

When you're just cruisin' online for info on diets, cleanses, postpartum depression, or osteoporosis, do you head straight to Gwyneth Paltrow's blog? Because, you know, she's the #1 expert you can't wait to hear the scoop -- err, GOOP -- from?

I didn't think so. After all, most of us just see Paltrow's contributions to the world wide web as fodder for getting our daily eye-rolling exercise in.

That's why I'm not really sure what AOL is thinking with their idea to tap similarly tall and skinny star, Heidi Klum, as a co-conspirator in online content creation. That's right. According to New York magazine, the supermodel-turned-entrepreneur may soon be getting her feet wet in the blogging world.


Apparently, Heidi has uber-expert knowledge about fashion, beauty, parenting, ARTS AND CRAFTS, and the all-encompassing topic of "Lifestyle" that she's just itching to share with us via her own AOL-sponsored website. The homepage will feature lots of juicy info from top Heidi-approved experts (let me guess -- Tim Gunn?), advice, videos, blogs, and photo slideshows of the star, Seal, and their many kiddos.

In a press release, Heidi says:

During my 15 years in the business, I’ve received so many questions on a variety of topics from my favorite toothbrush to juggling family and a busy work schedule. I’m bringing in the experts that have helped me over the years to help inspire you! Women are looking for content that speaks to every part of their lives. Right now, advice seems so scattered online.

Is it because she's a designer of fitness and maternity wear, the host of Project Runway, and a former Victoria's Secret Angel, Heidi believes she has the answers to regular Janes' everyday conundrums? Because she can oh-so-dramatically deliver the line "Auf wiedersehen!" to would-be fashion designers ... she's now a pro in digital media? 

I'm not so convinced.

Instead, the concept simply sounds insulting. Suits probably think we'll click on something just because a supermodel-turned-Superwoman's name and face have been slapped on it. That said, if it actually comes off as contrived as it sounds, Heidi's new site may actually make Gwyneth's shamelessly self-promoting GOOP look GOOD! Yikes, who could have seen that coming?

Would you read Heidi Klum's content on AOL?


Image via Lindsey T/Flickr

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