Does PETA's Sexy Vegetable Super Bowl Ad Go Too Far?


peta adLast week, PETA announced that Taraji P. Henson would be the new face, er, naked body, of their 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' campaign. And as I said last week, I agree with the message, but I really hate their delivery. Stop with the naked-women-to-save-animals bit! It's sexist, degrading, and at best, tiresome.

But apparently I wasn't yelling loud enough, because PETA has now released their "Super Bowl ads."

Just when I thought their promotions couldn't get any worse, the commercials show bikini-clad women giving oral sex to vegetables.

Because you should have sex with veggies, not meat? Video, and my rant, after the jump.

PETA needs to start making points and stop making me pissed. Soon enough (or has it happened already?) we won't be able to hear their pro-animal message; we'll only hear their pro-sex message.

I don't care if it's women or men in the ads, everyone needs to be clothed and articulate. Appeal to my intellect, not my sex drive. There has got to be a way to make a pro-vegetarian or anti-fur statement without making out with a cucumber or objectifying women.

Even if PETA is implying with these videos that they are in on the joke, that they're aware they're using sexual imagery to get their point across, does it make it better? Not really.

Below is an older PETA "Super Bowl ad," which, of course, never aired during the Super Bowl. The video is NSFW. (Buzzfeed has the exclusive on this year's "Super Bowl ad," which won't air either, obviously.)

What do you think of PETA's ads?

Photo via Buzzfeed



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nonmember avatar cheryl

have you ever seen the old jamie bamber ad for peta? that's something i could support (since he's really sexy)

livn4... livn4hevn

that's ridiculous....

Jesse... JessecaLynn

PETA has always been and always be an extreme group.   They can't get their message across without being over the top and overboard.

Wendi Watson

they feel they cant do it any other way then be extreme i guess.

skrawli skrawli


Tiffany Fisher

now this is really to far...i mean if they were refering to the sickos who live having sex with animals ehhhh mabe but really?

mtnma... mtnmama111

women deserve our respect more than animals or vegetables- which is why PETA loses all credibility with me (that actually happened a long time ago)

Merissa Douglas

Wouldn't their money be better spent on an ad that people could actually see? I know it takes quite a bit to make an ad and to call it a super bowl ad means they had the outrageus amount of money it takes to pay to have the ad air during the super bowl. No maybe they just call it a super bowl ad,get the hype up, then make it not suitable for viewing just so they can get people to watch it on their site or youtube. Gets their name out, but in the wrong way.

ZsMommy ZsMommy

Well there's a minute of my life I'll never get back...eye rolling

Billie Jo Halter

I thought I accidentally hit the men's channel instead of a PETA ad link.... What are they thinking???? What exactly Is the Message???? I'm lost.

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