Jonathan Knight's Sexuality Is Hardly a Surprise

jonathan knightEverybody had their favorite New Kid on the Block.

There was Donnie, the bad boy. Danny, the uber-buff body builder. Jordan, the total hottie. Joey Joe Mack, the adorable young one. Jonathan, the…. ?

He was the only one who didn’t fit a mold, except perhaps well-dressed. He barely had any personality.

Now, thanks to ex-pop star (and ex-girlfriend) Tiffany, he’s Jonathan, the gay one.

Tiffany “accidentally” outed him on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. Mmhm. Accidentally.

But it should really come as no surprise to anyone that Jon is gay. If we had been more aware 12 year olds, we would have seen it right away.

Let’s review the evidence, shall we?


Fashion. Oh, they were all fashionable in their own way. But Jon was the only one you ever saw in ironed jeans, sport coats and turtlenecks. He may not have been as flamingly fashionable as say, Boy George, but then again, how many of us could be?

Anxiety. Jon was well known for his anxiety disorder -- panic attacks struck frequently, causing him to drop out of interviews and other gigs. If you were 21 and trying desperately to hold onto a crazy career that relied on you being straight, you’d have panic attacks, too. 

No Identity. Perhaps the producers thought they were just creating a straight-up “any guy” sort of character with Jon’s role, but his lack of a strong role always cast him into the background -- the perfect way to keep anyone from questioning your sexuality.  

Privacy. Jon was always the private one. He never flaunted relationships, instead preferring a “no comment” policy. He never talked about his private life on any level and played the company man to a tee in all interviews about the band.   

The Beard. What do you do with a gay guy in a boy band whose every success relies on its appeal to teen girls? Get him a girlfriend! And not just any girl -- you get one of the most popular teen pop stars of the moment, one well-liked by girls who will just swoon over the very heterosexual romance blossoming before their very eyes.

So he's gay. We probably all knew the whole time.  

But was it fair for Tiffany to do the outing?


Image via Corey Ann/Flickr

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