'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Finale Recap: There Goes the Bride

Cynthia BaileyAfter all the foreshadowing and doomed signs -- like major relationship woes, no money to pay for the ceremony, a drunk groom, and a missing marriage certificate -- the people were assembled for The Real Housewives of Atlanta wedding between Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas. Cynthia donned her gown and several hours worth of makeup, and the ceremony was about to begin. The question on everyone's minds: Would she run? *Spoilers ahead*

And there went the bride … right down the aisle despite it all.

She looked incredible. Her dress was stunning in steel gray, and though not something everyone could pull off, she did. She got her dream wedding, if not her dream man. And while it was all beautiful, it felt so wrong. Many brides get cold feet, but hers were downright frozen, and perhaps she should have run at least until they thawed a bit?


Her mother and sister were in tears most of the time because they were so worried about the issues between the couple that Cynthia worried and cried about incessantly in the weeks leading up to the wedding. The aforementioned missing marriage certificate was never really missing -- her sister hid it! While she eventually gave it back, that's a pretty strong showing of concern.

And not without justification -- on the day of the wedding, Peter informed Cynthia that he'd neglected to buy the wedding bands, which was his job, AND he showed up to the wedding completely wasted. Talk about red flags.

But love (or something?) trumped all, and Cynthia and Peter wed.

“Only time will tell if this is going to be happily ever after, but I think it’s definitely happily ever now,” she said.

And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high in this country …

A good time was had by all at the reception. Kim Zolciak, who just had her boobs redone and was showing them off to the hilt, brought her own wine because she knew with Cynthia's financial problems the wedding wine wouldn't be good enough for her and her boy, Kroy Biermann. So classy, that Kim. She and NeNe avoided each other, so besides a few sneers and snarky comments, it was at least drama-free.

Kim predicted the marriage wouldn't last a year. I don't know, I hope it lasts, if for no other reason than the sake of Cynthia's 11-year-old daughter who seems thrilled with her new family. I hope much of the tension and misgivings were edited in for the show, because there's no editing out the hurt and damage that can be done if their relationship is really as bad as it was portrayed.


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