5 Shocking Celebrity Cellulite Sightings

Stars and their cellulite are a mixed bag. We want our celebrities perfect, yet we obsessively point out their flaws -- circling cellulite in tabloids and buying up paparazzi photos featuring it.

We do need to see it. Not because they are fat. Obviously they aren't. But because we're bombarded every day by airbrushed images of cellulite/blemish-free perfection and it just doesn't exist.

Even the most hard-bodied ladies probably have marks on their bodies they don't want anyone to see. And yes, they probably have cellulite. Don't believe me? Check out these photos:



Jennifer Lopez: OK, so she is more famous for her ample rear assets than her gym toned hardness, but she is considered smokin' hot by most people, and she has cellulite, too. So the next time you look at your own thighs and lament the dimpling, you can know you aren't alone.


Pamela Anderson: Arguably the most famous "hot" woman in the world, Anderson embodies all that is "sexy." Here we see she looks like any other woman who has had two children. She looks great, but she looks real and it's nice to see.

Britney Spears: Oh hi Britney Spears' dimpled thighs! It's a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but hey, she is (sometimes) considered perfect and here we see she's got bumps and wrinkles like the rest of us. Take that, Photoshop!

Kim Cattrall: There is no doubt that Kim is a lovely lady, but she also has some dimples as you can see above.

Kate Moss: This one would have been great to see when I was in high school wondering why my super curvy body didn't fit into the standard Miss Waif set for fashion and beauty. There is light dimpling! See, we can all breathe now. She isn't perfect and that's OK.


Images via Splash

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