10 Hottest Super Bowl Players


Hines WardOn February 6, two of the most storied franchises in the National Football League will battle it out in Dallas to win the coveted Lombardi Trophy. The Green Bay Packers will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and everyone will be tuning in to watch the biggest football game of the year: the Super Bowl.

Of course, the pundits will be going on about the game-changers and which players will make a difference in the outcome of this contest. But let's talk about the players ... the sexy players ... who you can look forward to gazing at during the big game while your husband throws beer bottles at your flat-screen TV.

Here are the 10 hottest players to look for:

Hines Ward (above) One of the best receivers in Steelers' history, Ward can knock you out with both his tough play and famous smile. Expect him to flash those pearly whites anytime he takes the field.


Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers How can you not love this quarterback cutie after all the drama that went down with Brett Favre? This guy has played so well that he's gotten his sixth-seeded team all the way to the Super Bowl. And of course you gotta love those bright blue eyes.

Troy Polamalu Troy Polamalu Known for his long, flowing locks, his spirituality, and being one of the best safeties in the entire league, Polamalu is definitely fun to look at. His dimples, soft-spoken nature, and his shiny locks will immediately make you go out to your nearest drug store and buy some Head & Shoulders (you probably recognize him from his hilarious H&S commercials).

Jarrett Bush Jarrett Bush This sexy cornerback was infamous for his inability to pick up the ball during the NFC Championship game three years ago, but he's redeemed himself, and it's hard to stay mad at that face. Kudos to him for winning back the hearts of Packers fans (and straight women everywhere).

Heath Miller Heath Miller is one of the most underrated tight ends in the NFL. An efficient blocker as well as a skilled receiver, the offense doesn't look the same without him. And he's got brains as well as brawn, graduating from the University of Virginia. The total package!

Matt WilhelmMatt Wilhelm This guy doesn't make many headlines as a backup linebacker and starter on special teams, but he's so damn fine. After eight years in the league, he may turn to coaching if he's going to retire, and no one would complain about watching this guy on the sidelines without a helmet.

Emmanuel SandersEmmanuel Sanders All Steelers fans are happy that the team drafted this handsome-looking guy in 2010. He's been changing the outcome of games with his acrobatic catches and has improved immensely throughout the season. Most important? He's got a smokin' bod.

Greg JenningsGreg Jennings A rising star on the Packers, this wide receiver is hot enough to have a guest appearance on the CBS show Criminal Minds. And he actually wasn't even that terrible of an actor. But, as he's made some amazing-looking catches, the Packers (and their fans) most likely will want him to stick around for a while.

Brett Keisel Brett Keisel For all you ladies who love a beard, be sure to check out the most famous one on the Steelers' team. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to this defensive end's facial hair. It's officially the best beard in the NFL.

Clay MatthewsClay Matthews There should be a contest between Matthews and Polamalu (and perhaps Keisel) over who has the best hair. Some may think Matthews, one of the best linebackers in the NFL, is way too intense, while others will find that extremely sexy. His long blonde hair, chiseled features, and talent all add up to a very hot man.

Who do you think is the hottest player of the Super Bowl?


Images via YouTube; Packers.com; Steelers.com; Getty/Joe Murphy; Steelers.com; Packers.com; Steelers.com; YouTube; YouTube; Packers.com

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poshkat poshkat

why is eli manning not on this list? i know he didnt make it to the super bowl but hes still fine as all hell!!!!!!!

julie... juliemval

Troy is my man <3  He's so cute and adorable :)

nonmember avatar Jen

Rodgers is a cutie but I gotta go with Matthews. He is so serious about that game, plays to win and the fact that he is gorgeous doesn't hurt at all.

Bubbl... Bubbles318

Haha. The Mannings look like they rode the short bus to school. Hahahaha.

Peter Myers

Nice title. Very professional.

Tiffany Fisher


nonmember avatar Samantha

My favs are Hines,Troy,Aaron,Emmanual,and Clay! they are all hott!!!! But, why isnt Mike Wallace from the steelers is not on this list?

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