Paz de la Huerta & Jane Fonda: Golden Globes Nipple Slips


Jane FondaWhile Ricky Gervais got most of the flack for bad behavior last night, the Internet is buzzing with some other fouls from the Golden Globes. One unexpected incident came from Jane Fonda, while the other was from Paz de la Huerta, who stars in HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

First up, Jane Fonda, who's being caught up in her own Nipplegate incident. While looking stunningly fit at 73, it seems she may have let a little more than planned show ... like her nipple.

Wearing a dress that had some sheer material atop there was a shadow of something roundish in about that location on her right side that did make an appearance. It could have been a lot of things -- material from a push-up bra, or part of the dress ... or a nipple. Check out the video and see what you think.

Twitter was aflutter with people who thought they saw it.

"OMG JANE FONDA NIPPLE," tweeted @edsbs

"Also, I'm fairly confident that at 73, Jane Fonda just set a record for oldest nipple slip -- one which will endure forever. #goldenglobes," was posted via @adambonin

What do you think, nipple or not? If you need a closer look, has another version of the video (see number five).

Paz de la HuertaMoving on to Paz de la Huerta, who was reportedly wasted after the ceremony, so much so that she was turned away from a party at Chateau Marmont. TMZ has video of the actress stumbling to her car.

When she trips and falls, her dress gets shifted and her breast is exposed for awhile. Unless TMZ blurred out a big nipple shield, there's no mistaking what all those gathered around saw. Wonder how she was feeling later today?

Which nipple slip do you think is worse -- Jane Fonda or Paz de la Huerta? Do you think that's really Jane's nipple?

Images from top to bottom via Facebook, Facebook

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Rebec... RebeccaJill

LOL...So it would seem that Paz is just as classy as the character she plays on Boardwalk Empire!

Christopher Koulouris

Didn’t them ribbon boys guarding the door realize by denying our Paz entry they weren’t so much denying guests inside a rude shock to their sensibilities but in fact regaling the sensibilities of the waiting starlet who had a predestined date with the bathroom sink and the spare carton of Jack Daniels bottles excitedly spinning by the lavatory?

Missb... Missbehaves

If that was Jane Fonda's nipple then she has an awful boob job.  No way her nipples should be that far up there!

parri... parrishsky

I didn't see anything "nipplish" that night or in the posted video.

All I know is she looks great but those shoulder pads are lame.

Tiffa... TiffanyMarie80

I saw no nipple on Jane Fonda. . . . The sheer black material on the top of her dress cast a few shadows, but that was about it.

lkm091 lkm091

Paz was just a hot mess after the awards.  Watch the video - she looks EXACTLY like her character on Boardwalk!  It's borderline funny (if it weren't so sad).  I just hope this was her first big awards show and she got carried away.  (literally  OOOOOOOOOO)

nonmember avatar Patty

Please remember that Jane Fonda had a recent breast cancer. It has a scar from it.

Kathleen McBride

I'm with MissBehaves - if that was a nipple, she needs a better surgeon. 

nonmember avatar jackiegb

That was a scar...Jane recently had a cancer surgery

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