Golden Globes: The 5 Most Awkward Moments


I'll confess up front that I didn't watch all of the Golden Globes—oh my god you guys that thing was like three hours long, once my TiVo caught up to the live broadcast about halfway through I had to bow out, because un-fast-forwardable awards ceremonies AND commercials? Two bad tastes that taste bad together, my friends—but I watched enough to see some truly, awesomely cringeworthy stuff.

I'm not talking about Ricky Gervais, because he was brilliant. I'm talking about these moments:

Jennifer Lopez presenting with Alec Baldwin. What were they presenting? Best Song? Oh right, because that led to the incredibly lame joke where Baldwin pretended he was going to sing and Lopez pretended to cut him off, saying how she'd have to judge him (PLUG PLUG AMERICAN IDOL PLUG). That was after the flaccid intro where they each joked that they had almost worn the other's outfit. Ha ha ha BARF.

Andrew Garfield introducing the Social Network. OMG, this poor guy. Who the shit gave him the tongue-twisting phrase “inspiringly written” to stumble over while he was praising Aaron Sorkin’s script for The Social Network? He had so much trouble getting it out I thought it was going to lead to a King's Speech joke.

Matt Damon introducing Robert DeNiro, recipient of a lifetime achievement award. Another horribly unfunny bit involving Matt's pretend unfamiliarity of DeNiro's work. We all KNOW Matt Damon can be funny as hell, so I can only assume this routine was written by a team of talentless interns borrowed from Saturday Night Live.

Robert DeNiro's subsequent acceptance speech. "I'm sorry more members of the foreign press aren't with us tonight, but many were deported right before the show along with most of the waiters. And Javier Bardem." Did . . . did he . . . what? Really? I don't know what was worse, the joke or the robotic delivery. Oh, actually, maybe it was the part where he said actors just have to hope they make enough money to keep their children in private school.

Angelina Jolie, during all of this. Angelina: "Yeah, I could not apply lip gloss at the table like a mannerless hussy, but I'm Angelina Fucking Jolie. Blow me. Like I just did Brad, in the bathroom."

What were your favorite awkward moments last night?

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Jenny Klass White

hahahaha! I couldn't BELIEVE Ricky's jokes - BEST HOST EVER! I loved it when he introduced Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher's stepdad. I had to turn it from Robert DeNiro's speech, I couldn't stand to watch it anymore - either it was really bad (I think it was) or I just didn't get it (it looked like no one in audience got it either.) Maybe he was just really drunk!

Nancy... NancyJ422

Of the few bits I actually watched I saw Matt Damon's into (Love him to death) and I caught Angelina applying her lip gloss!!

pinki... pinkiebling

I don't watch any of those award shows. My eyes tear up with boredom at the mere thought! So I didn't witness any of this, but the part about Angelina just KILLED me! "Mannerless hussy," HAHAHAHAHA.

Katie Sasso

The first time they switched to angelina i thought it was kind of cute she was fixing his tie but after that it just seemed like she was playing it up every time the camera's switched. 

nonmember avatar Missy

Ricky Gervais was trashy, disrespectful, and classless...not funny or charming.

The remark about Bruce Willis being Ashton
Kutcher's dad was the only witty line.

I thought Matt Damon was amusing. I also
loved Robert DeNiro's speech. It could have
been heavy-handed, way too serious, and
way too self-aware of his legendary status
but he was funny, endearing, and made his
best effort to be appreciative and entertaining.

Jolie did NOT act like a mannerless hussy.
You hate her because you have a false attitude about her because you chose to
believe lies, false accusations, and all
of the negative spin like this.

So she got caught applying her lip gloss...
so what? It was a human moment. She was
classy, respectful, and seemed genuinely
interested in the show. She got attacked
horribly by the host and did not leave, which is what I would have done.

Also, her haters will always find some
absurd excuse or made-up reason to criticize
her behavior. She was NOT playing up to
the camera. The camera kept switching to
her and Pitt, wanting to catch them in
every moment so the press can write about it. All she did was sincerely listen to
the other speakers and be affectionate with

Bevy40 Bevy40

Ricky Gervais was hysterical.  These so called actors need to get a sense of humor!

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I thought Gervais was funny, too.  Though your take on Branjelina rates right up there, too!

Stephanie Marshall Steerman

Gervais was hilarious!  If actors don't want to be made fun of they shouldn't open themselves up by behaving so ... well, stupidly. 

Katie Sasso

What did Gervais say that was bullying or disrespectful? Everything he said is what other people say! There are rumors that two top scientologists are less than straight (i don't care if it's true or not, all i'm saying is it's out there), Robert Downey Jr. is still known for his several stints in rehab and he had a reputation for being a lady's man,Bruce Willis is old enough to be Ashton Kutchers dad,  I for one loved last nights Golden Globes. Awards shows are known for being horribly boring and self aggrandizing. This was more like an all in one celebrity roast. Get over it Missy, he was spot on with his jabs and if these hollywood types can't lighten up they need to get over it as well

lovet... lovetwins731

The funniest/awkward moment for me was Christian Bales acceptance speech. He spoke long that his mic was cut off & he still continued to speak.

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