Gwyneth Paltrow's Working Mom Tips Are a Load of GOOP


gwyneth paltrowGwyneth Paltrow devoted this week's GOOP newsletter to helping readers find a "good balance between having a career and being a mom."

To do this, she set about interviewing real working moms including venture capitalist Juliet de Baubigny, fashion designer Stella McCartney, and, of course, herself. She hoped to learn some good tips about work-life balance from her pals and, uh, herself.

I've compiled some of the most helpful advice here. Real moms should adopt these tips immediately in an effort to better manage their schedules and lead less hectic lives.

  • Have a personal trainer come to your house, preferably on Mondays. This will be great motivation for working out the rest of the week.
  • Have a weekly blow-out. This means that you don't need to wash your hair each day and can save time in the morning.
  • Get an amazing assistant.
  • Condense your spa appointments. For example, JB has a salon she goes to at the end of the day to have a facial, manicure, and pedicure at the EXACT same time. She's in and out in 70 minutes.
  • Get seven hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.
  • Get a fishmonger who delivers. This way you can always have fish in the house and can be prepared in case you need to whip up a quick fish dinner.

Do I sound jealous? That's because I TOTALLY am. I'd kill to "slum it up" like Gwyneth and her friends for a day. (And, you don't have to comment below that I'm going to hell, because I'm already well-aware of that.)

What do you think of Gwyneth's real mom GOOP tips?


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bills... billsfan1104

Pawltrow is always always demeaning mothers. She acts like her shit dont stink. It must be able to balance everything so perfect, when you have an assistant, a houe manager, a chef, a personal trainer, a nanny for each of the kids, a housekeeper, and a driver to drive you place. And lets not forget a stylist that will come to your home and bring the store to you to shop.

lovin... lovinangels

Are these for real tips? LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL. What a...nevermind.

miche... micheledo

I REALLY like the 7 hour of UNINTERRUPTED sleep tip.  I NEED that.  I am working on that.  But other then hiring someone to get up with my four children under 5 years when they wake up, what are my options? 

The other tips will only happen in my dreams.  Well, not even in my dreams.  Right now I dream of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  

cafemama cafemama

Oh Gwyneth. Just when I was starting to like you.

PoeDu... PoeDunkMae

Oh puuuhleaaaase.  She's a joke.  OMG.  Sure this is totally realistic....bah.

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

there are no words...

nonmember avatar Jen

I think if she actually were a working mother she might be able to talk about the subject. Real working moms don't have nannies, maids, chefs, personal trainers who are at their beck and call, or loads of money at their disposal.

radic... radicalhw

A fishmonger.  Seriously?

radic... radicalhw

And how wound up to you have to be to feel like a 70 minute mani-pedi-facial is "not relaxing"?  Such first world problems!

nonmember avatar Samanatha

What a silly,out of touch cow she is.

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