Owen Wilson & Jade Duell Expecting Baby Any Day (Photos)


Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson
Little Fockers star and actor Owen Wilson and girlfriend Jade Duell are expecting a baby! Wonderful news! But wait, who is Jade Duell and should we know this mystery woman? Where has Owen been hiding her -- not to mention her full-term pregnancy?

Well, we think we have the mystery figured out, with a photo of Jade Duell to prove it!

Let's take a look!

Who is Jade Duell? Mystery solved!

  1. Owen Wilson and Jade Duell have been dating for more than a year.
  2. Duell is currently in Hawaii, where she plans to give birth.
  3. Coincidentally (or not) Owen Wilson was photographed in December 2009 (a little over a year ago), swimming with a mystery woman in Hawaii (where Duell is living). See the photo below.

So is this Jade Duell swimming with Owen Wilson? Is this the future mother of his child?

Owen Wilson Jade Duell

Hmmm, if the locale and the timeline fit, then ... it just might be!

Wilson's rep told Us Magazine that he and girlfriend Jade Duell "are happy to be expecting a baby." A source added that Duell is "due any day." This will be Wilson's first child, and he's "very excited and involved with the pregnancy." Great news for Wilson and Duell!

Can't wait to see the lucky lady (and confirm our detective work!) and hear news of the baby's arrival any day.


Images via SplashNews

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nonmember avatar SunnyDaze

That is not Jade Duell. That photo was taken way before they started dating. This is Jade:


cityk... citykitty77

Jade is actually from my hometown.  She is very good friends with my step sister.  The picture in the post above is not her.  The link in the previous comment is actually Jade.  I can't believe it took so long for this to hit the press!  Congratulations to them both!

nonmember avatar Beverly

not Jade :-( OK folks.. we all knew about this for a long time..small town protects it's own..don't blow it know..give them privacy..time for gossip later..

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