People's Choice Award Winners: 4 Weird Things That Happened Last Night

Jennifer AnistonAnother night, another awards show. Last night's was the 2011 People's Choice Awards, and most of it was pretty much expected/boring -- vampires are hot, cleavage was abundant, and clearly the people choosing the winners were young.

There were a few surprises like Conan O'Brien winning Favorite Talk Show Host, beating out the likes of Oprah (in her last year!) and Chelsea Handler. And Johnny Depp proved that old vampires can be sexy too when he beat out Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner for Favorite Movie Actor. Take that, boys!

There were no major Kanye-Taylor-like moments, but there were a few that were just ... weird. For example:


Neil Patrick Harris Dissed Queen Latifah

Maybe it's too many late nights with his new babies ... but who disses the Queen? NPH did, and pretty big time. After a less-than-stellar dance between the duo, Latifah asked Harris how she was doing in her role as host. His response: "You're doing OK, I give you a solid B+."

He was booed, and tried to make up for it later, but the damage was done.

Jennifer Aniston Was a Hot Mess

Besides the distracting necklace snaking down her shirt and around her breasts, Jennifer Aniston appeared drunk, or tired ... or something. She slurred her speech, interrupted Adam Sandler's acceptance speech to announce that Grown Ups won Favorite Comedy Movie, and just didn't have it together. I'm sure the fact that she lost out on Favorite Actress to Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart?!) didn't make her night any better.

Adam Sandler's Appearance

Sandler stepped onto stage sporting an accessory no one else had -- a black eye -- which he got while playing basketball.

"I do have a black eye and I'm sorry," he told the audience. "I wanted to go see The Black Eyed Peas and the lady thought I said, 'Black eye, please.'"

Johnny Depp Fawned Over Taylor Swift

"Taylor Swift, by the way," Depp said after receiving his award. "My daughters said if I didn't say hi to you I'd be in big trouble, so."

First he attends a Justin Bieber concert, now he's into Taylor Swift. Depp is clearly in daddy mode, which is sweet, but his homage to these teen stars is a bit disconcerting in the light of his greatness.

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