Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Split: Sneak Peek at Taylor's New Heartbreak Song!

Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is erasing all the little pink "Jakey" hearts in her song notebook this month. A source tells People magazine that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal have split. Sounds like the breakup took place last month and the couple spent their birthdays and the holidays apart.

Oh dear, what's a girl to do? Well, what Taylor does best, of course! And that's write a song about another romance gone wrong.

Read on to read the first draft of the heartbroken lyrics for the "Jake song" that we've drafted for Taylor.


Enough for You (Jakey)

Coffee just doesn't taste the same this New Year's morn
Bitter and cold, I'm just another girl scorned
I always knew I wasn't as sophisticated as Reese
But then I realized all you wanted was a piece ... of meeeeeeeeee.

I thought you knew who I was and what I've always wanted
I'm saving myself or so I've always flaunted
I want it to be perfect, the white horse and the knight
Other than, you know, that John Mayer oversight.


We drank coffee, laughed, and skipped as we walked
We held hands in the day and in the dark while we talked
But that wasn't enough for you, wasn't enough for you.
We picked apples and giggled and I called you a "dork"
We shared a large slice of pie and you sucked on my fork
But that wasn't enough for you, wasn't enough for you.

We sat on the hillside and you said you'd wait forever
Turns out a few months is too long a sexless endeavor
You started looking at me like Jack looked at Ennis
Round hungry eyes, a burning hot thing between us.


Maple syrup lattes are no fun anymore, no,
I can only think about your five o'clock shadow
But that isn't enough for you, isn't enough for you.
I liked you better than Taylor, that werewolf hottie
Your abs are #1, they almost make me feel naughty
But that isn't enough for you, isn't enough for you.

You're welcome, Taylor. Let us know when we should come to Nashville! Can't wait to hear you sing this one! 

What do you think? Would you buy this surefire hit song if Taylor Swift sang it?


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