'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood: Is Her Salary Too High?


If there's one lesson all young viewers viewers should learn from watching Teen Mom, it's that parenting is incredibly challenging and probably not the sort of lifestyle you're ready for when you're still in high school.

Unless you can get a reality deal out of it, that is. Because if you can make that happen, you'll be earning the kind of salary most adults can only dream about.

Amber Portwood, the 20-year-old who got pregnant at 16, got snapped up by MTV, and was recently jailed for allegedly abusing her babydaddy, makes—are you ready for this?—$280,000 per year.

Portwood's legal troubles are the reason her salary has been made public. While shooting Teen Mom, MTV cameras recorded Portwood hitting Gary Shirley, her ex-fiancee and father of her child. She was booked on two felony counts and a misdemeanor for domestic battery on December 27, and upon being released from jail on a $5,000 bond, she appeared before a Madison County magistrate who ordered her to reveal her earnings.

Portwood stated her occupation was being a "television personality." When asked to reveal her salary, her lawyer initially objected, but was overruled. Portwood was forced to disclose that she makes $140,000 with a six-month MTV contract, for a $280,000 annual paycheck.

So many questions. Is that a typical Teen Mom salary, and if so, why do they always seem so broke? Or did Amber get a special deal for being a man-smacking trainwreck? Finally: is that money going to her kid's eventual counseling needs? Or for stilettos and more ill-advised tattoos?

The really sick thing is that as inflated as that salary sounds, it's probably nothing compared to what MTV is pulling in for Teen Mom. I can't decide if I should be disgusted that Amber is earning this kind of money, or outraged that MTV is paying her such a small percentage of their pregnant-teen-fueled profits.

Actually, I think I'm just depressed that these shows are so insanely popular.

What's your take on Amber Portwood's $280K salary?

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nonmember avatar Tina

People who watch these shows are just as much to blame. If you really don't like what the girls make then don't watch and, guess what, if enough quit watching crap like this, the show doesn't ever make it on tv.

nonmember avatar Annaliesa

Lmao! They can pay me $280,000 to knock her teeth down her throat...this girl is just out of this world stupid. And she thinks she is cute?!?! What a dumb ass

nonmember avatar dave

Just another reason MTV is garbage and not worth watching. They actually used to have cool videos and good news with Kurt Loder, now its strait garbage. Haven't watched in years and Dont plan to.

George Stockman

Well, rewarding failure is what we do in America better than anywhere in the world, I am not surprised. She is a train wreck. The hitting is rediculous, I hope he gets it all...Equal is equal, So she should suffer the consequence a man would for abuse, Or take a nice healthy shot to the kisser, Cause, like I said, equal is equal.

Shasta Parker

Maybe this is Gods way of BLESSING her, It is up to her what she does with it although giving 10% to God first and then buying a stable home with plenty in a savings account for later times in her life, would be a great thing,MTV will not be there for ever.

nonmember avatar annonymous

I think that if these babies are going to be dragged into the kind of environment that they are subjected to perhaps the girl that had the abortion was the kindest out of the bunch....I have never watched the show and never will (this blog popped up on my email) but I know people who live their lives and treat their kids in this same way and it sickens me, if you are not ready for parenthood take birth control, and if you get pregnant by mistake take the morning after pill before you are even pregnant..once you are a parent, your kids have to be your main concern, I had my first baby at 21 and the second one at 22 and my last at 34.... they are the most important and precious things in the world to me and my proudest achievement! come on parents too... talk to your kids about unprotected sex and if they have a serious boyfriend put them on the pill. If you don't then do not complain when the train wreck happens.

Steve Wilde

you already know tv stars make good money, her salary is none of our business and what she does with it is none of our business. you want to make big money become a public figure or sell dope. most of these people are ruined from this kind of money not knowing how to deal with it and their personal lives a shambles.

nonmember avatar Sherry stone

this whole episode makes me sick to my stomach. MTV is not helping stop teen pregnancies they are commercializing it. teenagers these days find it cute to be pregnant at the same time, then throw in the money and drama you have a locomotive for a disaster. there is an outstanding number of grandparents having to raise their grandchildren . crying shame at what people will do for money at the expense at these poor children.

nonmember avatar cafemom member

They are scripted to make it seem like they are broke. But funny how they're always making it a point to say how broke they are, then you see them moving into a new house...this show is ridiculous and does not send out the right message!

Linda Mc Elyea Cole

I would hope that there is some kind of stipulation that some of the money is put into a trust for the babies and also if the "Mom" is under 18 maybe they have to have their salary in some sort of trust?  That would make sense of why these girls have nothing on the show.

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