5 Best Celebrity Breast Enhancements


We all can think of at least 30 examples of awful plastic surgery, but for every five Mickey Rourkes, there is a perfect surgery we barely notice because it's so timely and well done or another one that changes the career of the patient. Yes, plastic surgery can be your friend!

Who are we to say what procedure is more needed than the next? I used to think boob jobs were the most frivolous, but then I've always had a couple of my own that didn't need enhancement. If I were so flat-chested that it caused me embarrassment, maybe I would get an enhancement, too. And they're not all bad.

So, who are these people who have good plastic surgeries and, more specifically, who are these women who get good boob jobs? Here are five awesome, badly needed boob jobs that truly made the women look better or improved their lives:

Pamela Anderson: Many women hate her because she's "all plastic," but don't misread that hate as anything less than jealousy. After all, you would be hard-pressed to meet a man that didn't at least acknowledge her hotness. Oh, I know. Not YOUR husband, but let's face it, someone's husband loves her. After all, she is the most famous Playboy playmate in history for some reason ... That was money well spent on those implants!

Kendra Wilkinson: Have you seen the sex video? I have. And damn. She looks better now. Yes, she had a hot, tight little physique, but it was the boobs that pushed it over into the hot damn category. And that has made all of the difference in her career and her life. Think Hugh Hefner would have noticed her if she still had a teensy rack? Think again!

Victoria "Posh" Beckham: Whether you love her or hate her, she desperately needs the boobs. Without them, she might blow away in the wind! Seriously. She is rail thin and those boobs help anchor her and lend some roundness to her angular figure. She looks sexier and more sleek because of her enhancements and, yes, she needed them, too. Nice work, Posh!

Demi Moore: If there is any question about the quality of her boob job, check out About Last Night and then Striptease. Any questions? In the former, she is a pretty girl, but her chest is fairly sad. By Striptease, she is sporting a gigantic rack and hard body that make her look much sexier and sent her career into the true stratosphere. Those boobs made her the iconic star she is today and made everyone want her body at her age.

Courtney Love: She was a mess before implants and the whole "clean up" process. Now she looks (almost) classy. Say what you like, but her implants are subtle and not too big and trashy. They added just enough to help clean up her look.

Who do you think has a great boob job that was much needed?

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ZsMommy ZsMommy

While Victoria Beckham may have needed them-they're not done well-have you seen some photos-they're somewhat crooked,placed way too high for her frame n look like someone tucked baseballs in there.

Pam's are too much. Kendra and Demi would probably get my pick for "best jobs" but none of these women are inspiring me to go under the knife. I'll stick to my aging D's as is... with support from my friends @ Victoria's Secret. LOL

jalaz77 jalaz77

I agree ZsMommy. Also Pam's looked better when she downsized a few years back. I will stick to my aging D's also. 

nonmember avatar Manchester

Why endorse this unhealthy body image? Can't be sexy without being super thin and have big rack? Maybe Isabelle Caro should have gone under the knife and she could have made this list.

nonmember avatar bill

Don't you mean the 5 WORST implants? They all look like they had bags of silicone inserted in their chests.. not one looks natural....

Truel... Truelove77

You should have did most natural women who dont need a boob job and look fabulous starting with Keira Knightley and so on.....

nonmember avatar What

Terrible list... 3 of the 5 have messed up cans. Maybe try again....

nonmember avatar xad

Victoria Beckham has some of the WORST fake boobs EVER! Have a look at her pics on the cat walk? They look hideous, just look like two balloons about to pop.

Courtney Love, i don't even want to think of her naked, makes me want to throw up.

Pamela Anderson, yeh, she had very nice boobs, not to sure about now and Demi, i can't comment.

As for the pornstar, there's thousands who have better boobs than her.

Women who are flat chested and jump to really large boob jobs end up having horrible looking boobs, and that is definitely the case with victoria.

nonmember avatar 546564

um fuck this article.. none of these women NEEDED surgery. way to objectify women to the standard of porno criteria. note to women: you are all beautiful and have the right to get surgery if you please, but you are beautiful without it.

02_Gr... 02_Grey_Mustang

I think Kate Hudson should have been on that list

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