Paula Abdul Has a Brain (But Does She Use It?)

paula abdul
Member of the Mensa Socity?
Paula Abdul, the ex-American Idol judge, lays it on the cerebral line in an interview with CBS's Sunday Morning, saying: "I am intelligent. Having a brain, that's a concept, yes, with Paula Abdul. I have a brain." Huh?

The pop chanteuse also claims that she's never been drunk or done any sort of recreational drugs. She does concede to one thing, however: "I am goofy."

Will Ferrell is goofy. Jim Carrey is goofy. Pegging Abdul as goofy is being ... well ... kind.

Case in point:


Armed with modest abilities, the Straight Up singer left one of the easiest and most lucrative jobs on the planet, AI judge, at the height of the show's popularity. So why did Abdul leave American Idol?  "I stand on principle where many people stand on money. "

Sounds like she was standing on her head. Shaking the producers down for more money when you can oh-so-easily be replaced was not a brilliant move. In anyone's book.

Abdul claims that her 80's pop career was a huge influence on Rihanna and Beyonce. Um, Earth to Paula: "You didn't influence anything. You can't even sing."  Perhaps Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston may have had more of of an affect on modern day artists' careers. Ya' think?

And one final reason for speculation about Abdul's dearth of brain cells?

On Valentine's Day of 2006, Abdul appeared on Dr. Phil as part of a prime time special on love and relationships. She let Dr. Phil set her up on two dates. Would you let Dr. Phil set you up on a date? Didn't think so. Congratulations. You are officially smarter than Paula Abdul.

Do you think Paula Abdul uses her noggin?

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