Elaine and John Mellencamp: Squeaking in a Split Under the Wire

The Big Bummer Award for the very last breakup of 2010 -- although admittedly there are plenty of hours left in the day for encountering unhappy celebrity news -- goes to . . . *sad drumroll* . . . John Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin Mellencamp.

Their rep released a statement about the separation:

“John and Elaine Mellencamp are proud of their 20 years together and are very happy with their accomplishments both as parents and as a family. They will continue to raise their two children in Indiana but have decided to call it a day as a couple.”

John and Elaine met when she was 23 and hired to appear on the cover of his 1991 album, Whenever We Wanted. Within 10 weeks they were engaged, and they went on to have two two boys, Hud, (born 1994) and Speck (born 1995).



A few deets on Elaine Irwin Mellencamp: she's a Pennsylvania native who began modeling at 16 years of age. Within a few years, she became one of the Ford Models and had appeared the cover of dozens of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Self and Elite. She's also been a Victoria's Secret girl, and became a photographer favorite thanks to her natural, soft look. 41 and still gorgeous, she's currently appearing in television commercials for Almay makeup.

Also, in 2001 she became the first woman to drive the pace car at the Indianapolis 500. Cool.

I always feel like it's more depressing to hear about relatively "normal" celebrities breaking up, don't you? No divorce papers have yet been filed, so maybe it's a trial separation. Either way, 20 years is a damn good run, marriage-wise, especially when you consider the short lifespan of most of the other Hollywood relationships that detonated in 2010.

Image via ElaineMellencamp.com

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