2010's Craziest Celebrity Moments

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This past year was undoubtedly dramatic -- but all serious matters aside, the pop culture world had more than its fair share of WTF moments. You know, the ones that have you either scratching your head or screaming at the television. You may be quite surprised to see who made the list -- and who didn’t. There’s nary a Kardashian in sight, not a single housewife (real or desperate) and no Michael Jackson. Shocking, right?

Without further ado, here are your top five WTF entertainment moments of 2010.


chuck norris

Chuck Norris is made an actual Texas Ranger – years after his series officially ended. My first thought was “Wait, he’s not already a Ranger?”  My second thought was “Why are they doing this now?” Chuck Norris hasn’t been relevant for years, except as the subject of thousands of one-liners.

joaquin phoenix beard

Joaquin Phoenix, his beard (and its accompanying alternate personality) easily made the list. He went from being a well-respected actor to total d-bag in one fell swoop -- and didn’t fool a single person while doing it. At least when Garth Brooks did it, everyone knew who he was and what he was doing. Joaquin just seemed to think he was more clever than all the rest of us.

wyclef jean

Wyclef Jean decided to run for the presidency in Haiti following the disasters there. A noble move, but how in the world did he think he had any sort of qualification for the job? You can’t sing away corruption and poverty, Wyclef.

lady gaga

Lady Gaga steals the soul of a young girl -- at least according to the girl’s mother, Yana Morgana. Morgana claims Lady Gaga is possessed by her daughter’s soul, and that’s the reason for her fashion and style choices. She’s taken the case to court in order to get music recorded by the two girls released ... as well as her daughter’s soul back.

kanye west

Pick anything Kanye West did this year and it could make the list. From his infamous interruption at the Grammys that left us all on Team Taylor Swift to his strange (and near-constant) tweets, Kanye has left us shaking our heads in confusion the entire year. Want to place bets on how he’ll rank next year?

What do you think should have made the top 5 WTF moments in entertainment?

Images (top to bottom) via NightRPStar/Flickr; Chuck Norris; Michael Loccisano/Getty; Frederic Dupoux/Getty;  Domain Barnyard/Flickr; Social Is Better/Flickr

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