Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Charlie Sheen, Adam Sandler: All Killed by Snowboarding?

In what appears to be a shocking, tragic coincidence, the following stars have perished as a result of a snowboarding accident while they were vacationing in Zermatt, Switzerland: Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Charlie Sheen, and Adam Sandler.

In all cases, albeit on separate days, the stars lost control of their snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed. Murphy/Wilson/Sheen/Sandler were then air lifted by ski patrol teams to a local hospital, however, it is sadly believed that each actor died instantly from the impact of the crash.

My GOD, won't somebody in Switzerland take a look at this horrifically dangerous ski resort? Did they plant trees in the middle of the runs? What's going ON?

Is  it the work of the . . .  *whispers hoarsely* star whackers?


As it turns out, it's the work of social media. For whatever reason, there have been a ridiculous slew of celebrity death rumors lately, and the most recent ones keep centering around a fictional snowboarding incident. Why people keep believing them is anyone's guess, but the Internet's been lit up the last few days with people searching for news on Sandler, Wilson, and now Murphy.

These things seem to start on Twitter, as with Morgan Freeman's fake passing a couple weeks ago. Somehow, the hoaxes have been gaining enough ground that people close to the celebs have had to repeatedly put the rumors to rest.

Charlie Sheen ex-wife, Denise Richards tweeted, “The rumor about Charlie Sheen is not true. He is alive and on his way over to see his daughters.”

Owen Wilson's rep issued a statement after a flurry of panicked posts made the rounds on Twitter:  “Absolutely false. I just spoke with him."

A source told the Detroit Free Press that Aretha Franklin is not dead, but "home, alive and recovering."

It's pretty creepy that someone out there is enjoying these fake death reports enough to keep them going. Even creepier is that the next actual celebrity death that occurs will probably be subject to suspicion.

Why do you think there are so many death hoaxes lately? Are people just bored of the real news?

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