Most Charitable Stars of 2010 Will Surprise You

Not only #1 on the Billboard Charts
magazine has just published a list of 2010's most charitable celebrities, as chosen by

That got me wondering who the top 10 celebrity do-gooders were ... and after perusing the list, I was really surprised. Their average age is *gasp* much younger than I thought it would be. Take a look for yourself and see if you are as surprised as I am!


1. Lady Gaga nabbed the #1 spot, primarily for her work on behalf of gay rights.

2. Alicia Keys created a charity, Keep a Child Alive, that provides care for orphans and treatment for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

3. Taylor Swift donated $500,000 to the Nashville flood relief effort and strives to promote literacy. 

4. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore launched the DNA Foundation to combat child sex trafficking.

5. Ellen DeGeneres dedicated episodes of her show to combat the dangers of bullying, plus raised beaucoup bucks for LGBT people struggling with mental health issues with The Trevor Project.

6. Nick Jonas fights the good fight for diabetes awareness, becoming this year's national chair for JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes.

7. Matt Damon co-founded to provide safe drinking water and sanitation in developing countries.

8. Leo DiCaprio launched Save Tigers Now with the World Wildlife Fund to help preserve endangered tigers.

9. Oprah donated a gazillion dollars to charity and spearheads the fight against education inequities. In fact, she dedicated a two-part series of her show to education reform. 

10. Justin Bieber raised $150,000 for a Buffalo, New York children's hospital. The pop star also works with Pencils of Promise to help build schools and increase education opportunities in the developing world.

So back to what made me marvel.

Look at the average age of celebs on this list:

Taylor Swift just turned 21. Nick Jonas is barely 18. Justin Bieber just recently became old enough to get his driver's license. Gaga is only 24.

Do you spot a trend?

It really warms the cockles of my holiday heart that for all of the Lindsay Lohans of the world, there are many, if not more, young stars who are using their fame for good ... sticking up for causes they believe in and putting their money where their mouth is.

Bravo to all of them. They're all #1 in my book.

Are you surprised that these celebrity Santa Clauses are so young?


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