5 Gifts for the Tabloid Junkie

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paparazzi necklaceAh, the tabloid junkie. If you want to know which celebrity is dating whose husband, or entering rehab, or showing their private parts to the world in the latest leaked photos, this person is your reliable source. Conversations with her are peppered with names like "Lindsay," "Paris," "Mel," and "Zac" (first names only) as if they're close and personal friends.

She (or he) isn't merely content to glance at the headlines as she pays for her groceries; she actually buys the magazines whose covers they grace. Her head is in Hollywood, even if her home is in Kansas.

So what to buy such a starry-eyed soul? Here are a few suggestions:

Paparazzi Necklace $22 at Etsy

Let her honor those who dig up the dirt she likes to dish. This camera necklace is a perfect statement piece to represent her passion.Hollywood PuzzleHollywood Puzzle $15.95 at Amazon.com

As puzzling as the behavior of its residents can be, this puzzle is the perfect pastime for your tabloid junkie. It features 1,000 pieces on which the faces of stars are plastered.

Star Magazine

Star Magazine Subscription $67.08 for 52 issues at StarMagazine.com

Assuming your recipient isn't already subscriber, Star magazine is one of the most tantalizing tabloids. If they are, there are plenty of other rags mags from which to choose.

Rachel Zoe glasses

Rachel Zoe Sunglasses $36.50 at qvc.com

Sunglasses are a Hollywood staple morning, noon, and night. These, by stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe, are sure to make her go bananas.

Kim Kardashian Calendar

Kim Kardashian Wall Calendar $14.99 at Amazon.com

Kim and her sisters likely keep plenty of tabloids in print as their every move makes headlines. What could be better than the gift of 365 days of KK?

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Carey... Carey2006

There's a always BRAVO.com shop......lol

nonmember avatar sharon lee

typical bravo show hahaha

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