Justin Bieber at My House for Christmas! (VIDEOS)


Justin Bieber Santa hatAs Christmas Day fast approaches, we couldn't be more excited at our house. Why? Well, we have an unexpected surprise guest who just thrills us to pieces -- why it's Mr. Justin Bieber himself!

We know you're probably so incredibly jealous. I mean, I'm almost jealous of myself I'm so happy. He graces us with song on demand and has fit in splendidly with the boys. I mean, he's just like one of the family.

Oh Justin, we are so glad we let you inside of our world. In some miraculous way I never dreamed, I truly am one less lonely girl now that you're in our life.

Check out a few video clips from our time with the Biebs (oh, I just LOVE calling him that ... and you know, I think he likes it too).

Our family has loved Justin from afar for so long. It's such an honor to have him as a guest in our home. We're doing our best to share our family's holiday traditions with him during this very special time of year.

Here's some footage from Justin's arrival:

We couldn't wait to take Justin out to see the Christmas lights. Shame on me. I let him ride up front without a belt, but he was just sooooooo excited to see all the festive decorations.

It really scared us when we had to stop fast, but don't worry, Justin didn't get hurt. Not so much as a scrape on him. We sure learned our lesson about safety belts though! No exceptions! Never again! Our Justin is far too precious.

Oh and Justin also loves playing hide 'n' seek. Look where I caught him today! What a wonderful and perfectly silly boy.

We are having such a wonderful Christmas with Justin. I hope your holidays are as bright.

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LMAO!!!!! Oh Sheri, you know I am oh so jealous ;-)

CafeEm CafeEm

I just laughed inappropriately loud in the office at the first video. I want a visit!

jeann... jeannesager

I laughed out loud at home! Maybe Justin can fly over to NY for New Year's?

cafemama cafemama

LOL! Seems like you and Justin are having lots of fun! (Sidenote: we have the same stockings.)

nonmember avatar Jb Fansite

i think its the real justin bieber come to your home,,,but its only the bieber doll...nice video and post...

sodapple sodapple

LMAO rolling on floor made my day lol.

nonmember avatar Alondra

Cool am so jealous i wish he could fly to oakland during valenties day love u for ever justin drew bieber mallete

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