Paris Hilton Is Pregnant?


Paris HiltonCould it be true that Paris Hilton really is pregnant? Or does she just want us to think she is? I'm not sure which question is more disturbing, but they're both being pondered by the press.

Front and center in the speculation are pics of Paris-the-heiress with what appears to be a little belly that's typically not there. Now given the fact that she weighs about three pounds, her ingestion of a pea could possibly cause a protruding pooch, but  protruding it is. That purse placed strategically in front of it is suspicious, as is her Christmas card in which she has her knees drawn up in front of her stomach ... as if hiding something?

These recent photos certainly make us wonder ... but is that her plan?

Lord knows we love a good baby bump watch, and it's a pretty easy way to grab headlines. And what with her new motorcycle racing team and all -- yes, you read that right -- perhaps she's looking for some publicity.

Though in her case, a pregnancy may elicit more shrieks of horror than warm fuzzy feelings. But all press is good press, they say. (Why do they say that again, exactly?)

Paris certainly hasn't made a good case for mother of the year, what with trotting around the world and getting picked up for alleged drug offenses along the way. If you recall, most recently she and beau Cy Waits -- who would presumably be the baby daddy if there is a baby -- were busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas.

But people can change. Just look at Paris's former BFF, Nicole Richie. Whoever would have thought she could handle motherhood as well as she has (especially if you ever caught an episode of The Simple Life)? Some just need to change a whole lot more than others before taking on parenthood.

Let the bump watch continue!

Do you think Paris Hilton looks pregnant based on these pictures?

Image via Splash News

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Lynette Lynette

based on the picture posted w/ this it just looks like she is arching back, not pregnant

sweet... sweetheart1985

I agree, Lynette. 

It really wouldn't surprise me to find out that she's trying to start rumors about herself. She must be feeling awfully cold outside the limelight now that Nicole just got married.

nonmember avatar sally

Maybe she quit doing cocaine and is putting on some weight.

nonmember avatar Milllie

I agree too that it looks like she is arching her back but there is a few other view of her in that dress and she looks pregnant in them. There is also a picture of her a few night earlier and she look pregnant there too.... let the bump watch begin.

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