Lisa Robin Kelly: That's How You Do a Mugshot!


Lisa Robin KellyRemember Lisa Robin Kelly from That '70s Show? She played Eric Foreman's older sister Laurie? Thin, pretty, blond, slutty? Well, today it was revealed that the actress, now 40, was busted for drunk driving this summer.

That isn't anything new or shocking in Hollywood, but what's incredible is her mugshot taken when she was arrested. It may well be the BEST celebrity mugshot ever taken.

Check it out:

Lisa Robin Kelly
Now THAT'S what someone should look like in a mugshot -- like a worn, haggard criminal, like someone headed to jail. In her case, it was just one night, plus probation and a fine, but still one should look the part unlike some other celebs whose mugshots look better than most people's wedding portraits

For example, Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot

She couldn't have gotten better pics at Glamour Shots. The hair, the makeup, it's just not right with the orange jumpsuit.

Then there was Paris Hilton smiling like a princess in her mugshot after being allegedly caught with cocaine in Vegas.

Paris Hilton Mugshot

So pretty, she may as well add it to her portfolio.

Even sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman looked incredible in her mugshot.

Anna Chapman

It's about time bad behavior stopped looking so good.

So thank you, Lisa Robin Kelly. While we frown on your behavior and hope you get the help it appears you may need -- fashion AND behavior wise -- we appreciate you bringing back mugshots to their gritty roots.

What do you think of Lisa Robin Kelly's mugshot?

Image via YouTube

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teddy... teddysmama09

Hey! Thats not Lisa Robin Kelly, thats me after 40 hours of labour! LOL.  But i still think the Michael Jackson mug shot takes the cake!

Ashley Castillo

Has it beentthat long since that 70s show was on? She's 40!! She must have been in her early thirties, late twenties while playing that part....

jmtmn jmtmn

I think Lindsay Lohan looks the same color as her jumpsuit. She really should avoid wearing orange if she can help it ;)

bills... billsfan1104

She must of been binging for a long time. I have been trashed before, but never looked like that. I wonder if she was snorting somethign too.

Jessica Birch

I think it's sad that you're taking amusement in her downfall and likely addiction, is what I think. She seems like a sad, broken person who's in a pretty shitty place in her life, based on that picture, and I'm sure this kind of (albeit in the spirit of humour) from other women isn't helping. 

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