New 'Water for Elephants' Trailer: All the Makings for Book-to-Film Success

Water for Elephants has all of the makings of an awesome film: An attractive Reese Witherspoon, a dashingly handsome Robert Pattinson, and an intriguing plot that leaves me wanting more.

The trailer (after the jump) tells the story of a young Jacob (Pattinson) as he drops out of Cornell and joins the circus. Based on the 2006 book by Sara Gruen, the movie comes out in April.

Sure -- I have my doubts about book-to-film adaptations. But after getting a taste of how good looking Pattinson is here, there's no way I'm skipping out on this one. And yes -- I really mean it. Take off the powdered makeup and film him in the dim lights of the big top ... it looks like we have a winner.


See ... I told you so.

And while there have been a fair share of book-to-big-screen flops, there are some seriously successful book-to-film adaptations, too.

Eat, Pray, Love: Add Julia Roberts to a great storyline, throw in some Italian food and wonderful scenery, and there was never a question how great this 2010 film would be. To be honest, it's probably better than the book.

Harry Potter: All seven films have had some of the biggest box offers numbers ever. We've seen Daniel Radcliffe grow into a man, and I can't say that I've hated it. Whether or not wizardry is your thing -- the great cinematography and plot line leave the moviegoer wanting more, every time.

The Notebook: The best, period. Never have I fallen so in love with an on-screen couple as I have with Allie and Noah. It's the ultimate chick flick for a rainy afternoon, and a tearjerker for men, too.

Eclipse: Another Pattinson film, for the win. When you have your own dolls, bedding, Facebook groups, and clothing lines ... I'm pretty sure the success rate is inherent.

Are you going to see Water for Elephants?

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