Half-Naked Julianne Hough Video: 'Is That So Wrong?'


Julianne Hough video Is That So WrongLook out, country music fans. Country singer Julianne Hough has made country downright sexy stuff with the release of her new "Is That So Wrong?" music video. In fact, it's being reported that Julianne's video is too sexy for Country Music Television (CMT), and that they've banned it from playing on the network. Oh heck, CMT, she wore less than that on Dancing With the Stars

Julianne isn't letting the criticism or alleged ban bother her. "It was exactly what I wanted to do," says the singer in a YouTube video clip to her fans. "We wanted to do Flashdance and Footloose, like the angry dance. You just have to express yourself through dance."

"Express yourself through dance," really, Julianne? Is that what you're doing in this gyrating, clothes-dropping, chair-straddling, bed-romping, half-naked music video? Alright, now you've lost us. How about show off your hot bod to sell music? That, we're buying. Let's call it what is is.

Here's the "Is That So Wrong" video (it's getting tough to find out there):

And here's Julianne Hough discussing her new video with excitement, calling it "a little more mature" and the "next phase of Julianne":

Let's face it. For women to have big success in the music business, they usually have to strut their sexy stuff along with their vocal chords, and lucky for Julianne, she has both to the tenth degree. Sadly that's just how it is -- and a rare few artists get around it.

Of course, we understand why Julianne wants to elevate the meaning of her country burlesque video, but we're still going to giggle a little when she does so.

What do you think of Julianne's sexy video? Too hot or not?


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Where is the vid?

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

It's working okay for me. Anyone else?

onecu... onecuteladybug2

It's there... You just have to wait for it to load...

Nannette Pritchard Morrison

it was more tastefully done , than others I have seen as of late. Whoever said she wore less on DWTS was right. It is just a preference of how people choose to view it.

Just2... Just2busymom

Ok, I saw it.  Yeah, I've seen worse.

PinkD... PinkDaisey13

I thought that the dancing was beautiful and the video was well choreographed. Though I found the fast paced, 'sex-up' moves a bit of a contrast and distracting from the romantic melody and content of the song, it was still an ok video. I have definitely seen worse. IDK, I just feel that she could have slowed down her moves a bit and not focused so much on all the high energy somersaults. Maybe if she didn't 'try' so hard to be sexy in the vid, then maybe it would have went in a different direction and CMT might want to play it. But again, she stated the video came out exactly how she wanted it to, so good for her.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I have seen worst.

nikia... nikialeslie79

I loved it! I'm not a fan of country music, but I liked the song. And, I could definitely see artistic expression through her movement. Could be because I danced for years and I still love it even as a spectator. I would have actually enjoyed seeing more of her dancing throughout the video, than the lip-syncing to the camera. Sure, it was sexy! But, no where near as bad as some of the stuff I have seen (especially working in the radio industry for over 10 years)! I don't understand why it has been banned.

Starg... Stargatesg1girl

i had to view it somewhere else but i thought it was a great video it shows other people that shes a great dancer and singer and she joined them together I have seen alot worse videos that did not get banned Great job jullianne keep up the good work

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