Heroes: Villains, Villains Everywhere!

Photo by: Heroes/NBC

Heroes update and it's a good one!  Sit back and relax while my friend Jordanplustwo  gives you the 411 on this week's Heroes.  As always, spoiler alert! 


This week's episode-The opening in this episode was not the usual eclipse.  This open was the Japanese "Godsend" symbol with villians over it. What does this mean for the rest of the season?

The blue flame guy from level 5 is Claire's birth mother's brother.  She breaks her brother out of primatech, and they wind up on a train in Texas, it catches fire, which was the derailment that Claire ran into in the very first episode.

Elle finds Sylar/Gabriel, and befriends him, pretending she's a normal person. She ends up bringing a man with an ability to Sylar, who kills the guy Elle brought. Arthur Patrelli was behind the hit on Nathan's life that paralysed his wife.  Linderman went to Angela, and healed the scars left by Arthur in her mind. She brought the Hatian into their home to keep him from reading her mind. Angela poisoned a dinner she made for her husband in retribution,  explaining her husband in the hospital bed, his death.  Nathan goes to his parents house as Angela is giving the Hatian orders to take Arthur to the incinerator on level 3. the dad was still alive.

The episode ended with another death, the African.  Hiro comes out of the vision, and moves to investigate as Arthur Petrelli steps out, places his hands on Hiro's head.  Hiro screams... and the show ends.

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