Disney Teen Queen Ponders Playboy! Cheetah Girl Gone Wild?


Photo by: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Disney starlet Adrienne Bailon is considering a deal with Playboy to do a nude spread! Why this star of The Cheetah Girls franchise would throw away her teen queen status for a Playboy spread is beyond me. Hello? Adrienne? Teen pop idols can become rock star famous if they are smart and talented. Hannah Montana? Hillary Duff? Maybe you've heard of them. I know you and other pop music chicks like to take pics of yourself naked but please! Don't make your mess worse by posing for Playboy. Ladies, time to chime in. Tell me what you think about the latest teen scandal!

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PinkS... PinkSodaPop

I wouldn't sell out for a bit of quick cash....She's too pretty, and far too talented to stoop to that level.

Hollywood can be very pressuring...
these kids want to be grown ups, but they are finding their way there the hard way...and the wrong way. WAY too quickly they are shoved into being 'mini-grownups' far before they are emotionally and physically ready. I think that's why they lack the maturity to make sound adult decisions...when they become real aged adults.  (Think of Britney...and a slew of other famous teens grown too fast in a fast society!)

I hope she finds work in some other fashion more suited to her 'teen' image...but more grown up as well!

Mama0... Mama0f3grlz

This doesn't surprise me, for some reason, Disney stars can't keep their clothes on. Miley Cyrus took her shirt off, one of the HSM girl posed nude, I go to Walmart and see the blonde boy from HSM with his shirt off. Aren't Disney kids supposed to be squeaky clean?

Staci... Stacie150

I'm not surprised for a couple of reasons:

1--She's not a teenager; she's 25.  I didn't realize that until I saw something about her in a post on here.

2--She's dating Kim Kardashian's brother.  The Kardashians aren't the most wholesome family so that tell me she's not wholesome either.  If she's going to pose nude, she better detach herself from The Cheetah Girls. 


Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

Very excellent comments, ladies.   Kim Kardashian's brother? Ew.

flgirl flgirl

Idk, I say go for it.  You're only young once!

Crist... Cristy7677

I would definitely say go for it. After all Playboy is a very tastefully done magizine, it is not like she is thinking of posing for Hustler or Penthouse. A lot of Playboy models go onto become pretty darn famous. Pamela Anderson and Kelly Monaco to name a few. Plus, as long as the nudity is done tastefully there is nothing to be ashamed of the human body is beautiful. !


mrssw... mrssweetthang

OMGOSH, this just doesn't surprise me what would though is if some of them actually got married first b-4 jumping into any and everything.  My son dressed up as a pregnat Hanna Montana this year for halloween, as a joke. Only God can Judge, but I as a parent can decide what is watched on our t.v.'s in the house.

Cafe... Cafe MichelleL

Cristy7677, you make a good point.  I just thought the whole Disney to Playboy jump was kind of sudden, good food for thought.

marla... marlarrie

Well if she's 25, then she shouldn't even be portrayed as a "teen". I'll be letting my 11 yr. old know the scoop....yet another Disney icon she won't be looking up to anymore. So dissapointing, but what do you expect in this world?

nonmember avatar Angie

As a mother of an 8yr old, I'm very disappointed that she feels she has to expose herself in such a manner. There are so many you girls who look up to the Cheetah Girls. If she chooses to pose for Playboy I will not support anything represented by the Cheetah Girls. This is so sad that Adrienne feels she is only worth so little to pose for Playboy.

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