Chelsea Handler & Jennifer Aniston Bully Angelina Jolie


Jennifer Aniston Chelsea Handler

Dang, Chelsea Handler went OFF on Angelina Jolie. In the meanest mean girl way. But, um, we're looking at YOU, Jennifer Aniston.

We used to be girls, so we know exactly how the mean girl conspiracies transpire. It's no big secret. And we don't forget. It often starts when the seemingly innocent nice girl becomes BFFs with the ballsy, say-anything girl, knowing she'll do all her crap-talking dirty work against her arch enemy. Which ballsy girl does, of course. And then, nice girl comes out smelling like a rose.

For those of you who never had experience with or as mean girls, let us spell this out for you:

Seemingly innocent nice girl: Jennifer Aniston

Ballsy, say-anything girl: Chelsea Handler

Nice gal's arch enemy: Angelina Jolie

Tsk tsk, Jennifer Aniston.

Yep, Jennifer Aniston has unleashed a bully on her arch enemy, and Chelsea is doing a pretty mean bullying job. Chelsea Handler took on Angelina Jolie during a standup performance in New Jersey over the weekend.

She went as far as to call the actress a "f**king homewrecker" and worse!

She continued. "[Angelina] can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to," Chelsea said. "I don't f**king believe you ... she gives interviews and she goes, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a f**king c**t and a f**king b***h."

Dang, Chelsea, I love you and I'm pretty meh about Angelina, but that's harsh.

Here's small clip:

Chelsea and Jennifer have been chumming it up for awhile now. They bonded and conspired to go out drinking and looking for guys on Chelsea's show, and then they spent Thanksgiving together in Cabo.

What do you think? Is Chelsea doing Jennifer's dirty work? Or is it just a coincidence that she and Jennifer are pals now and Chelsea's ripping on Angelina?


Image via E! Online

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lovin... lovinangels

Um. Angelina deserves what she gets. Sorry.

sahma... sahmalama

Give me a break! Is this Angelina writing this?! She STOLE this woman's husband (and trust me, I hate him every bit as much, if not more so. He was the one who was married. Plus, he seems like a total wimp). If my friend had had this happen to her, you can bet I'd call the homewrecker those names too. Jen A has been pretty classy for years about this, never ripping on bony old Angelina. And can I just say, Angie is way gross. Her arms look like cheap beef jerky, and she needs to gain 20 pounds. Brad must like grisly old chicks. Barf.

2rays... 2rays0fsun

They need to get over it. What's past is past. Whether or not Brad is a jerk or Angelina is a home wrecker doesn't mean a thing at this point. The only thing I see is that Jennifer and/or her buddy Chelsea are having a hard time accepting that, shrugging it off, putting their head on straight and just MOVE IT ON ALONG. If he's really that full of crap, and she was really that much of a bi***... more power to you the sooner you put em both behind you!!!

AngiDas AngiDas

Angelina deserves it. Also,it should be noted that Johnny Depp did a movie with her recently and their significant others were on set a lot. There is a reason for that. She doesn'r have female friends because other females do not trust her,for good reason.

poshkat poshkat

i agree with sahmalama. angelina jolie is a home wrecking bitch. she stole jennifer anistons man and jennifer has taken the high road since it happened. she deserves to let loose and actually say her peace about the whole thing. angelina jolie gets to steal someones man and than pretend to be a mother earth by collecting children from all over the world and jennifer aniston has to sit there and say nothing? its about damn time the girl got to say what she has probably  felt for a long time.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Okay, I like Angelina. I also like Chelsea Handler. All I can say is they need to get the hell over it. It's been a LONG time now.

nonmember avatar Marie

I saw Chelsea in KS MONTHS ago and she was talking trash about Angelina way BEFORE Jen went on her show and they became pals. Also, the person who wrote this needs to go back and watch some Chelsea Lately re-runs because Angelina has always been a target on that show, again, way before Chelsea became friends with Jen.

nonmember avatar Marin

firstly, Jen and Brad were WAY over before Angelina. FACT. I know ppl. that know them. Jen also has a lot more to her than most ppl. realize. (read between the LINES).
Chelsea is a hateful, unfunny bully. She is the MEAN girl who tries to kiss ass to the popular cheerleader. Chelsea Handler is Vile and evil. Jen Aniston's stock just went WAAAAYYYY down. But again, there is always something she can do to give herself a lift

sweet... sweetheart1985

Ha! I love Chelsea and Jenn. I've been team Aniston since day one.

Angelina deserves what she gets. You wanna be famous and live in the spotlight? Don't expect to steal someone's husband and get away scot-free.

Just sayin..

Fallaya Fallaya

Jen needs to get over it already.  I think she is insanely jealous on Angie.  INSANELY.  Angie has a life outside of Hollywood and Jen doesn't.  

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