Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Love Hewitt are Celebrity Blogger Favorites!

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Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Love Hewitt are the favorite female celebrities of mega blogger, Celebitchy. The blog is one of the most popular celebrity sites on the web but the woman behind Celebitchy is very nice...not a trace of diva!  Entertainment Buzz has the inside scoop about the blog, celebrity moms and more juicy details that you can't miss.


EB: What makes celebrities different than the rest of us?

Celebitchy: Celebrities have incredible leisure opportunities and access to products and services that most of us can only experience in small doses. In that one respect they're not like the rest of us and it's unfair to hold them up as models of super-fit gorgeous moms because they have so much help and freedom compared to everyone else. I would say that celebrities are just normal people, though, with a lot of help and more opportunities than the rest of us. They live charmed lives that we like to watch.

EB: Besides Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Love Hewitt, do  you have other favorite celebs?

Celebitchy: I like celebrities who seem down to earth and normal. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are my favorite male celebrities and that could be because they're right around my age.

There are some celebrities who are growing on me. Dita Von Teese used to put me off as she seems a little haughty, but she's growing on me and I love her style. Matthew McConaughey seemed like a slacker at first, but he has such a unique and interesting personality. He was so colorful and emotive in the way he described his baby Levi's birth. He also once told a story about a trip to Africa he took where he met a spiritual person he felt destined to see and saw places from his dreams. The way he described it was convincing and heartfelt. You can tell there's a lot more to him and what is meaningful in his life.

You don't hear a lot of gossip about Jenna Fischer from The Office, but she has such a fun personality and I enjoy reading her MySpace blog entries. She's a rare celebrity who is educated, funny, and writes well.

EB: Who is celeb mom that your readers like to know about?

Celebitchy: Angelina Jolie is probably the most popular celebrity mom, but she's a polarizing figure as she's admitted herself in interviews. Some people have very strong feelings about her and the comments can get heated. I would say that Suri Cruise is the most popular celebrity baby, which is likely because she gets photographed more than say, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Suri is a little cutie and has been photographed a lot this summer as she accompanies her mom and dad in NY. There's also some controversy around her due to her parents' involvement in Scientology.

EB: How do CafeMom readers find you and your blog?
Celebitchy:  We are at I'm Celebitchy and am the editor and one writer among many. Our other writers are JayBird, MSat, Helen, Ceilidh, and sammie323. You can find me on MySpace and Facebook and the links are at the bottom of our homepage at Thanks so much for interviewing us on CafeMom. You have a great community and we're grateful to be featured!

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