Lindsay Lohan on 'DWTS': Does She Have What It Takes? (Videos)

lindsay lohanRumor has it La Lohan is being courted for a reality TV show. Settle down, kids, Dr. Drew is not involved -- RadarOnline reports that Dancing With the Stars has Lindsay on its wish-list.
Wow. Seriously, Lindsay? I mean, Jennifer Grey was a bona-fide movie star -- in the '80s. You were one a mere six years ago, before your party-tard tendencies yanked you out of the limelight. Has it come to this? If so, can you actually stick with it? Can you keep your parents under control? Will you turn the pasa doble into a pass-a-doobie? (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)
Most importantly, can you dance? The same source says she’s a great dancer, but all we see from these clips is that she likes to shake her hiney a lot. Which is not dancing. But you judge for yourself.


In Mean Girls, she was one of four high-school girls performing a parent’s worst nightmare at the school talent show. Cute, but nothing you and I couldn’t do in a step class.


Here she is at the MTV Video Awards, doing a hip-hop performance. I mean, she’s hot, but again: a couple weeks at Crunch and anyone could do this. Is there any way this would translate to a waltz?

Of course, the only reason anyone saw her spectacular flop I Know Who Killed Me was the promise of seeing her pole dance. To which I say: Did the person who filmed this scene ever see an actual pole-dancer? And: Is Lindsay made of wood? Also: What, we couldn’t get more than 10 seconds of footage at a time?


Maybe the best evidence is this clip (starting at about 1:18) -- Lindsay dancing with former girlfriend Samantha Ronson. It doesn’t convince me she can do DWTS, but it does make me like her a little more.


Do you think Lindsay has what it takes to win Dancing With the Stars?

Image via Rafael Amado Deras/Flickr

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