Isabella Rossellini Makes Awesome Animal Sex Videos

Isabella Rossellini is many things: one of history's most beautiful women, famous for playing Dorothy Vallens in Blue Velvet, a 14-year veteran Lancôme model, a generous philanthropist, the daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rosselinni.

Also, she dresses up like animals and pretends to have sex on camera.

Rossellini is the creative force behind Green Porno, a provocative online series that features Rossellini acting out the reproductive habits of marine animals and insects. Yes, you heard that right. They're scientifically accurate, exquisitely costumed, and face-blushingly hilarious.
As an example, please enjoy this perhaps-not-perfectly-safe-for-work video about the surprisingly disturbing mating habits of the snail:


Sundance will now be running five two-minute series of Rossellini's creature seduction videos, but they changed the name due to advertiser concern over, presumably, the "porno" part of Green Porno. The new series title is "Seduce Me," and judging by this promo, they'll be just as edgy/awesome as the previous films.

Offended by the graphic portrayal of dolphin nookie? Rossellini doesn't think you should take it so seriously.

"These films are just meant to be comical and short and amusing and then if somebody says, 'Oh, I didn’t know that,' then they’ve done their job."

I most definitely did NOT know dolphins could engage in fin sex, or blowhole sex, or sound wave sex. Thanks, Isabella!

Image via the Sundance Channel

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