Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: The New 'It' Couple?

jennifer aniston chelsea handlerWhen Jennifer Aniston appeared on Chelsea Lately back in August, you could tell instantly from their back and forth banter that she and host Chelsea Handler had chemistry.

Since then the two friends have been rumored to be spending quite a bit of time together; in fact, over the Thanksgiving weekend, Handler joined Aniston and a bunch of her friends on a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Sources say, "Jen made sure Chelsea had plenty of vodka." Love it.

I've gotta say, as celebrity friends go, I'm pretty psyched about this pairing: Both Aniston and Handler are hot, single, funny, and -- if the rumors are true -- know how to have a good time. But are they headed for a "best friends forever" type of relationship? That's hard to say this early into it. While we wait to find out, let's check out these other famous celebrity best friend pairs:


Brad Pitt and George Clooney have been best friends ever since Ocean's Eleven. Clooney is forever ragging Pitt in the press (playfully, of course), but admits he loves having him and his family over to his Italian villa.

Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are the classic "are they or aren't they" celebrity best friend duo -- dressing alike and out and about together one minute and then sniping at each other in the press the next.

Power duo Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were childhood friends, joint Oscar winners (for Good Will Hunting), and now, years later are still close friends.

Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek have been so close for so long they've even been accused of having a more-than-friends type of relationship -- a rumor they laughed off to David Letterman.

Which celebrity best friend pair do you think is the best match?

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