Why the 'Kim Kardashian Is Dead' Campaign Bugs Me

"12.01.10: ALICIA KEYS (Kim Kardashian/Lady Gaga/Katie Holmes/etc.) WILL DIE — BUT YOU CAN BUY THEIR LIVES BACK."

"Die" meaning they're going to stop using social media, that is. Until fans donate $1 million to bring them back.

Okay, I understand this is for a good cause. It's a great cause, actually: donated funds are used to help treat HIV/AIDS-stricken children and families in India and Africa, where medications, good nutrition, and basic housing are hard to come by.

It's just ... I can't help but feel that drawing some kind of bizarre comparison between the actual death of a child and Kim Kardashian staying off freaking Twitter for a couple days is wrong.

I mean, really. Would the world be so bereft without gems like this?


EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby w no coverup then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper

I also hate how Kim looks in her "casket" -- posed provocatively in a skin-tight dress so the effect is less "sober contemplation of the serious nature of mortality" and more "hey I wonder if necrophilia is illegal in this state?" I hate that these celebrities probably wipe their asses with million-dollar bills, so hey, how about they just pool their extra money and REALLY make a difference for this organization?

Also, I'm grumpy and a horrible person. I KNOW.

If you'd like to donate to an amazing cause without necessarily throwing in your support for reviving vapid celebrities to their Twitter-posting health, you can do so through a number of ways, including texting the word “ALIVE” to 90999 and a one-time donation of $5 will be added to your phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance (message/data rates may apply, blah blah etc.).


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