Bieber Fever -- What's So Great About This Kid?

Justin BieberThe world has caught Bieber Fever, but I admit, I think I'm immune to it. In fact, just hearing the name Justin Bieber annoys me. But the kid has done something right because he's winning awards out the whazoo and was recently named as one of Barbara Walters's 10 Most Fascinating People.

But since the list also included the cast of the Jersey Shore and Jennifer Lopez, I wouldn't consider this any big whoop.

Still, what is it about the Biebs that has everyone all excited -- aside from the obvious cherub-like face and mop of hair that 14-year-old girls go gaga over?


1. He plans on attending college: Clearly, it's not a necessity that he goes, he's already got his career on a golden platter in front of him, but I love it when celebrities still realize the importance of an education. He always travels with a private tutor so that he can graduate high school, and then he plans on attending college, where he wants to major in English (currently).

2. He truly loves his fans: The boy tweets like 50 million times a day -- retweeting fan love, sending tweets out to the ladies -- and it all sounds really sincere.

3. He plays four instruments: Learning one instrument takes a lot of discipline, but four?! Props to him.

4. He's hired a voice coach: Remember what happened to the Hansons when Zac and Taylor hit puberty? This tells me that he's not stupid, and he knows that his music is going to change along with his voice. He has a voice coach on hand at all times to help him get through it.

5. He heads up anti-bullying campaigns: Parents can appreciate this, since bullying in schools has increased so much lately that it's downright scary.

And okay, so some of his music is a little catchy. There. I said it.

Oh gawd, I feel a fever-like sickness coming on ...

Are you a Justin Bieber fan? Think he deserves to be on Barbara Walters's Most Fascinating People list?


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