Duke Sex List on 'Law & Order SVU': Is Karen Owen in Danger?

Law & Order SVU is famous for ripping stories "from the headlines" and is now taking one from the Duke University scandal last month when Karen F. Owen's f**k list, a PowerPoint presentation, went viral.

Owen, as we may recall, was the woman who created a PowerPoint presentation detailing (seriously detailing) her sexual exploits with a dozen star athletes. The report was intensive and included anatomic and personal details as well as light transcripts.

The school was humiliated, but thus far Karen Owen has not been hurt or threatened by anyone related to the scandal, at least not that has been reported in the news. Naturally, SVU, a show that prides itself on digging through the nasty, is taking the story to the next level.

The show, which details child molestation, rape, and sadistic homicide, will ask this question: what would happen if one of the Duke boys got really, really mad?


Murder, natch.

The story features a character named Caitlin Lamarck who works at an advertising agency, and makes the PowerPoint "Lay List" (full title: My Lay List: A Scholarly Treatise on Office Relationships by Caitlin Lamarck), which details her workplace exploits with co-workers. She is murdered at an office party and Stabler and Benson are on the case.

This is ironic, of course, because Detective Stabler, ahem, Christopher Meloni is by far and away my number one man on my personal list of crushes. But I am no Karen Owen. My list is just for fun. Hers is for real, yo!

Jezebel got a hold of the script and it looks like it will provide some juicy entertainment. Of course, I happen to love SVU, despite its reputation as being pretty graphic and disturbing. And I will certainly be tuned in Wednesday night!

Will you watch this?


Image via NBC

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