Top Career Moves for Bristol Palin After 'DWTS'

After all the controversy surrounding Bristol Palin's ongoing participation on DWTS, there's only one massive, burning question left to answer:


No, seriously. You guys, this is a terrible show.


Regardless, it seems to be insanely popular, and so too has Bristol Palin rocketed to explosive pop culture stardom thanks in part to her much-criticized dance moves.

Whether or not she wins the show, I'm betting she'll try and capitalize on her new-found status as America's Favorite Polarizing Reality Star. As PopEater opines, there are likely several options open to her.

Will she write a book? I'm thinking a self-help tome would do well, something like 'How to Hold Your Head High When Everyone's Rightfully Questioning Why the Hell You're Still Around.' (Co-authored by Speidi.)

Maybe she'll endorse a product. Panasonic Panic-Resistant Bulletproof TVs? Talcum Identification Kit, Tests for Baby Powder in One Easy Sniff? Celestial Conservatives Sleeptime Tea Party Tea?

Actually, assuming she really does have the power to generate thousands of system-bucking votes, she should just take on another reality competition. I can see it now: Bristol Palin IS . . . your American Idol!

What do you think Bristol should do next?

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