127 Ways to Watch '127 Hours' Without Fainting

Thinking about seeing 127 Hours but worried about the reports of people passing out during the amputation scene? Here, I've got a handy, thorough guide for enjoying one of the year's best films without keeling over into your popcorn.

#1: Don't be a wuss.

#2-127: Focus on the amazing story, acting, and cinematography.

There! *dusts hands*

In all seriousness, this movie is incredible, and I'm writing this article specifically to convince you not to avoid it because you think it will be too hard to watch.


127 Hours portrays Aron Ralston's unbelievable story of survival after being trapped by a boulder while solo canyoneering in Utah. What's really outstanding about this film is that you know what happens -- you'd have to be living under a rock (heh) not to be aware of how Ralston eventually makes his escape -- yet Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle unfolds the events in such a way that you're utterly captivated the entire time. James Franco delivers an Oscar-worthy performance as Ralston, and not only do you feel as though you are in there in that canyon with him, you understand the emotional journey he's been forced into, and the eventual epiphany that gives him the strength to do what he needs to do to save his own life.

By the time that scene comes ... well, yes, it's bloody. Yes, you will wince as you imagine what it would be like to try and remove your own arm with a puny, dull blade. But it is a scene of immense triumph and euphoria. Everything you have experienced in the movie has led to that moment. It's overwhelming, in every sense of the word. It's magnificent.

I watched it with tears running down my face.

Aron Ralston himself has said that 127 Hours is a truthful ode to the transformation between the man who hiked into that canyon and the man who emerged five days later.

It’s not a nightmare at all. It’s perhaps the most beautiful story I’ll get to experience in my life. It’s a true blessing for me, giving this gift to the team who is now giving it to the world.

127 Hours will affect you. It's intense and beautiful and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, and you won't forget it any time soon. Don't let one scene stop you from seeing a movie that's this good.

Image via Fox Searchlight

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