Ryan Reynolds Is Sexiest Man Alive? Puh-Leeze


Seriously, People? Seriously? The 2010 "Sexiest Man Alive" is Ryan Reynolds?

No. Just no. This is all kinds of wrong. I'd describe Reynolds as "boyishly cute," maybe. Maybe. I mean, if I were feeling generous.

Sexy to me means smoldering. Hot. The Sexiest Man Alive should make me want to rip off all my clothes, not tousle his hair and ask if he'd like a glass of milk. Granted, Reynolds beefed up quite nicely for The Green Lantern, but to me he still looks like this.

Aw, who's a snoogums? (See? My clothes are totally still on.)

The "Sexiest Man" issue of People also features the following men I don't find even remotely sexy:

Robert Pattinson. Ugh, not even if he's sparkling.

Justin Timberlake. Sorry Timberlake, I can't lose the mental image of what your hair looks like when it's longer than a quarter-inch buzzcut.

Bradley Cooper. There's a fine line between "handsome" and "ferret," and I believe Bradley Cooper has crossed that line.

Jon Hamm. Some people are only sexy to me in character. Take the Don Draper out of Jon Hamm and suddenly he's just a guy in desperate need of a shave.

You know who I'd pick? Timothy Olyphant, that's who. Preferably wearing only a holster and a cowboy hat. Ahem.

Do you agree with People's choice for sexiest man? If not, who would you vote for?


Image via People.com

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mamam... mamamisty249

Vin Deisel, Alex O'laughlin, Alexander Scarsgard and Jesse Williams (from Grays anatomy, um...yum....)

nonmember avatar LLmama

Ahahaha, I totally agree with you about Bradley Cooper except to me, he looks like a murderer. Something about his eyes!

I vote Michael C. Hall...I adore him. OMG. Even my husband thinks he's awesome.

aimsh... aimshecakes06

Vin Diesel or Gerard Butler!

vmh127 vmh127

I actually totally agree with all of those guys on that list.  They're hot!


nonmember avatar kim

I love Ryan Reynolds! And I do think he's sexy, mostly because he's funny, self-deprecating, and seems like a down-to-earth Nice Guy. It doesn't hurt that he is very attractive, too. I definitely think People got it right with that choice!

I don't much like the other men listed, though. I would like to see Vincent Cassell, but I find Vin Diesel positively repulsive, so I have to disagree with the above votes.

AngiDas AngiDas

To me the sexiest man alive is Hugh Jackman. HANDS DOWN!

PonyC... PonyChaser

British actor Richard Armitage.  No question.  He just gets better with age.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Oh, and I keep getting a "403 forbidden" message on your link to the other picture of Reynolds.  Maybe it's my Firefox, but I figured you'd like to know.

nonmember avatar MichelleH

I have to say, I do love Ryan Reynolds.It's his personality that makes him extra sexy. He's smart and funny. That's the major thing that gets the clothes flying off for me.

Bradley Cooper-I'm with you--except for in The Hangover. For some reason, I find him so hot in that. Not sure if it's him stealing from the field trip money, the hint of sleaziness, or what. Love it! Everything else he's in....nope.

Love Jon Hamm for the same reasons as Ryan Reynolds...he's funny and down to earth. Loved his guests spots on 30 Rock-he is amazing!

Everyone else on the list...bleh. Especially Pattinson.

Totally agree about Timothy Olyphant too. Also, that lead guy from Walking Dead!!! YUM.

bills... billsfan1104

I love me some Mathew McCaugnhey(sp?). His accent alone makes me swoon

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