Are Bristol Palin 'DWTS' Fans Cheating?


bristol palinAccusations are flying this morning that conservatives have found a way to cheat the Dancing With the Stars voting system in order to keep Bristol Palin on the show. (You only have to click over to our coverage of last night's results show to see just how worked up commenters are about the alleged rigging.)

Now, I'll be the first to point out that there seems to be some sort of Operation Shady Business with respect to last night's voting (more on that later), but what I'm not buying about the situation is that the Tea Party is behind it: What is there to possibly gain from having the daughter of a Tea Party hero win some crappy reality show?

(Now, before DWTS fans call for my head on a stick, I'd just like to say that while I think the show is sub-par, I do not think people who watch the show are sub-par. I'm simply reacting to the fact that whenever I've watched the competition, I've wanted to spoon my eyes out from sheer boredom; I'm not making any judgements beyond that. Oh, but I should also reveal that I actually do like Bristol Palin. Moving along ...)

As far as voting fraud is concerned, there seems to be hard evidence on conservative sites that Bristol supporters found a way to trick the system and cast an infinite number of e-mail votes for their woman. They then encouraged fellow conservatives to do the same with rallying words such as this:

You may not be a fan of the show or even Bristol but I firmly believe her continued success on the show demonstrates the power of the tea party.

The only thing this demonstrates to me is that Tea Partiers have a little too much time on their hands, are more tech-savy than I, and have questionable taste in TV. But as far as demonstrating the "power of the Tea Party"? I think the mid-term elections were a little more successful in said demonstration than whether or not Bristol stays on the show.

People, can we please stop confusing politics with mindless entertainment, especially when the Palins are concerned? Frankly, it's ruining the whole TV viewing experience.

What do you make of the Bristol Palin/Tea Party conspiracy theories?


Image via ABC

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Princess Ballerina

It shows people have no life. I read one person spent 3 hours sending in 200 emails using that trick. ABC needs to fix their voting process where the judges votes have more weight then the viewers.

bills... billsfan1104

Why are you bitching OP??? You dont even watch the show and think its sub-par and beneath you. Which really translates that you think the people who watch it are sub-par and beneath you(even had to put a disclaimer saying that you really are not). You cannot bitch about the results, nor can you bitch about the show, because you dont even watch. If the Palin supporters are voting for her because of her mom, where are all the haters?? why arent the haters voting for the other dancers??

tntmo... tntmom1027

I highly doubt that the tea party which is concern with politics are at home watching a reality show and scheaming about how to screw it up. 

I think the people coming up with the conspiracy theories are the ones with too much time on their hands...and maybe too few brain cells

nmmama09 nmmama09

I also saw some comments from people encouraging others to vote for Bristol even if they don't watch the show...using the email trick. Now if she wins, we know why. Eh, my last season watching anyway.

Erin Austin

Have to disagree! Bristol is the one contestant that represents every ordionary american and deserves to be in the finals!!! In the beginning I was all for "baby" because Dirty Dancing IS my FAVORITE movie. But for Bristol to keep up with Jennifer and Brandi (both whom have dance experience) is awesome. If anything, Kyle, Adrinna and Bristol should have been the final three. So Kyle - Bristol, Doesnt really matter to me, and the one thing that has been said of Bristol is that her foot work and technique is always spot on, she isnt an actress or a proformer like J and B or Kyle for that matter. She is just raw and real!

Rita Fritz See

Is there really any question in anyone's mind that the reason Big Momma Palin announced her plans to run in 2012 becauseshe believes (hillariously so) that she can BEAT President Obama? With the results of the DWTS show, I'm sure that gave that moron all the encouragement she needed. I truly FEAR for the future of our country!!!! We have MORONS planning to run for the Presidency!! Guess what? I'M going to run!! I'm 10 times smarter than Sarah I don't read newspapers Palin!! God help us all!

I was afraid this would happen - Palin's mommy has a lot of fans (I'm NOT one of them), and I would not be surprised if the show was completely hijacked this season and Palin would win BECAUSE her mommy's friends and supporters are voting in droves, not because Bristol is the best dancer - she should have been voted off many weeks ago - but because her mom has something to prove.

nonmember avatar Gracie

Bristol Palin is a joke. The non dancing, knocked up teen baby momma is ONLY on still bc some viewers are trying to make a statement. Bristol Palin is no different than Shaneekqa or Laquishia in the hood except she is lily white and her momma is an idiot with some clout. If Bristol was any other knocked up teenager America would be dismissing her as just another teen mom who didn't choose to use protection when she gapped her legs open.

And, to oust Brandi or Jennifer who make Bristol look like she has two left feet, is a definite planned effort. Bristol is a putz.

Stephen Strang-Wolf

Dancing with the "STARS"...she should not have been there in the first for her current status.....It's obvious this is foul-play!!! & simply wrong!!!....She Never kept up with any of her competitors!!!!

Ginni Wooster Rowland Gass

People need to get a life!!!  Good GRIEF!!!  Walk a mile in Bristol's shoes and THEN pass judgement!!!  Or walk a mile in Jennifer's pain and then say whether or not you can dance like she does.  If you don't like the results and you didn't vote yourself, then you don't have a right to complain!  This is AMERICA.  We have the PRIVILEGE and RIGHT to vote in our politics and the producers of DWTS are eating up all this free publicity!  Why do you think they asked Bristol to be on in the first place?  Think about it!  And honestly, people.  If Chelsea Clinton or one of the Obama girls was in a voting contest and people accused their party of cheating, how would you react???  Be honest now!  And go get upset about something REALLY important!  Not some silly (but sometimes fun) dance show! Sheez!!!

Mae Fabig

Rita---What do you call the one RUINING it now??? I have a name for him, but because I am a lady, I will refrain from using it here. Some of you, including the writer of this article, need some brain cells. So you think all the Tea Party has on it's agenda is to keep Bristol Palin dancing by cheating? How stupid can you be??????

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