'DWTS' Results: Robbed & Disgusted


The Dancing With the Stars results show was surprisingly nerve-wracking this week, the second to last week of Season 11.

It really shouldn't have been. The answer should have been obvious. I was sure I was right. Sure!

Up until the last minute ...

**Spoilers ahead**

Bristol and Mark stayed. Brandy and Maks went home.

Yes, you read that right. As shocked (and outraged) as I was, it doesn't even compare to the shock and outrage that was palpable from the contestants. Derek Hough was actually open-mouthed after the announcement. And not in a happy way.

In short, it was the most shocking twist in a season that has been full of them. I'm not sure I would watch this show again if I didn't have to do so for work.

Who is voting? And why?

Last night, for the first time, I actually wondered if I should vote. Now I wish I had. Because this is seriously wrong.

Seriously, seriously wrong.

Bristol simply cannot dance. She is trying and we all kind of want to be nice to her. After all, she is a sweet kid who has a kid. She seems vulnerable. But this show isn't about who you want to take to dinner, it's about who can dance. And Bristol can't. Like at all. Like she is always at the bottom of the leaderboard, has next to zero passion, and doesn't even seem that happy to be there most days. Meanwhile, Brandy had improved markedly and could've possibly won the whole thing.

This whole season has been unpredictable and filled with one shock after another, but this is the first one that I am truly disgusted by.

Maybe Dancing With the Stars has jumped the shark.

Poor Brandy looked stunned. She spent the last four minutes of the show trying not to cry (and then actually crying). But I'm sure people will have a lot to say about this decision.

The finalists for Season 11 are: Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey, and Bristol Palin. Insane, wrong, and possibly rigged. How else does one explain this?

Meanwhile, I'm betting she takes home the trophy. Luckily, that's unlikely. After all, the judges actually choose based on talent and effort.

Robbed, thy name is Brandy tonight.

Do you think Brandy deserved to go home?

Image via ABC

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Akela Fordham

Heck no Brandy didn't deserve to go home!!!! And it's decisions like this that makes me stop watching these shows. Bristol def should have been sent packing today but no........she's 'America's next sweetheart'. And crazy eliminations like this made me stop watching.....say.......American Idol. Just shameful......how dare they.....smh

nmmama09 nmmama09

The results were horrible!!! Even my 9 year old son said "She can't even dance. The only reason she is still there is because of her mom!' His words not mine! Brandy was robbed!!! Sad, so sad that I can no longer watch my favorite show because of this travesty. Oh well.

3lilm... 3lilmonsters411

I am also shocked. I think my face looked just like Derek's. Nothing against Bristol but Brandy is a better dancer and she did not deserve to go home.

Martina Moore

I love the show but am offically done now as well!!!! This is absolutely disgusted!!!!!

Jarele Dean

This crap pisses me off. Brandy and Maks had so much chemistry and passion and their hearts were definately in this to win. She worked so hard and for what? A palin to beat her out? Heck, Kyle shouldnt have even beaten her out, although I love Kyle. I cant believe this crap and definately has to be rigged. One of the most beautiful and most humble person in the world went home tonight, unjust. And Maks should have won a MBT a long time ago with the partners he had. I'm trying to figure out this mess but this is sad. Just like Mya, no one even compared to her in her season and she lost too. I will never ever watch this show again....EVER!

nonmember avatar Sandra

DWTS has lost a lot if credibility. Obviously, by bringing on Bristol Palin the show has told us all they are more interested in ratings, then making the show really be about who can dance. It is disgusting that DWTS producers have taken Sarah Palin and family and allowed them to infiltrate what should have been my entertainment time! Shame on DWTS for bringing politics into the show!

Donald M. Maze

Let's face it. Brandy is out because the Tea Partiers voted for Palin. This show should change its format. Let the judges pick the winner. Otherwise it becomes a political campaign.

nonmember avatar smh

I guess money can buy even a trophy. A real lady would stand on her own two left feet and realize they shouldn't b n the last three n step down. Maybe they give the trophy to the one who won it her mom

nonmember avatar Joyce

All you people who are griping about Brandy losing tonight should have voted for her. I think one of the reasons she lost was Maks attitude. He is cocky and thinks he is the best. Yes, Brandy is a better dancer than Bristol but apparently Brandy doesn't have as many fans as Bristol. As they say each week "if you want to see someone return, you need to vote for them". Enough said.

nonmember avatar Lucie8675

Get over the politics and try to apreciate what's Bristol's gone through. She's not a performer, wasn't a disney star or in "Dirty Dancing"; she's a nineteen year old girl who never expected to be in the spotlight! Anyone know a tteenager who has gotten pregnant? Usually, they have abortions. Maybe, it's possible Bristol realizes she made a mistake, owned up to it and THAT'S why America rallys around her. She loves her child! She has made great strides to overcome her mother's shadow and has done a remarkable job, given everything she's been through. Let's grow up and not pick on a 19 year old for succeeding.

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