Argentina 'Dancing With the Stars': Dirtiest Dancing Ever!


Argentina DWTS Silvina Escudero Nicolas ScillamaArgentina, you win. You take the medal for dirty, dirty, dirty reality TV, okay? 

Dancing for a Dream, the Argentinian version of our DWTS and part of a TV series called ShowMatch, takes "dancing" into XXX-rated territory.

After the jump, if you're up for a little hot and bothered, you'll see Silvina Escudero and Nicolás Scillama do an incredibly sexy dance on this show to Aerosmith's song "Crazy."

Let's just say Bristol Palin is seriously G-rated compared to this stuff, and this show's dancing makes Pamela Anderson's hot cha cha come off like an old woman knitting in a rocking chair.

On Bailando por un Sueño, translated as Dancing for a Dream but could easily be called Dancing for a Wet Dream, celebrities are paired with regular people who want to have a wish granted. In the case of Nicolás Scillama, who was paired with Argentinean television celebrity, Maxim and Playboy model, and sex kitten Silvina Escudero, I think his wish might have already come true.

Their dance consists of all kinds of simulated sexual acts, including oral sex, both kinds, as well as mutual hands-on fondling, power play, and many sex positions, some rather acrobatic in nature. The most shocking, for me, is definitely Silvina's post-coital wipe down, if you know what I mean, with Nicolás's shirt. Ay, carumba! The ending is also very risque when Nicolás actually removes Silvina's bra and there's some very real mouth-to-breast action going on. Ay yi yi!

This is television, folks!

See for yourself (but I warned you! XXX)

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What do you think of Argentina's Dancing With the Stars? Are you blushing?


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cafemama cafemama


hotic... hoticedcoffee

Well.  That was nasty. Though I did start to laugh when she pulled his pants off - stiffy tucked into black underwear, black shoes and socks......he looked silly.

nmmama09 nmmama09

RanaA... RanaAurora

What the heck? That's not even dancing.

berry... berrymorin3

Yikes. I'm speechless.

AineShea AineShea

*snicker* and we Americans think we're so "liberated" :P   Dirty, yes.  Dancing?  Not so much....  I'm no Len Goodman, but a few twirls tossed into a porn scene doesn't qualify as dancing to me.

But I can't stop giggling over those doggone stupid shorts, shoes and socks!

CoolM... CoolMommy86

Wow...Am I the only one that isn't prudish about this whole thing? It's Argentina! Latin "dancing" (as per this video) is meant to be PASSIONATE...and if it involves more than a bit of skin what's the big deal? In America, we tend to view sexuality as something to be hidden, ashamed of, or taboo. Or we just overthink EVERYTHING! This video actually got me turned on! I got some sexy tips on turning on my husband! Was it tacky? Yes. But it was funny too (the host had no idea it was THIS provocative!) I'm not shocked at all. I like this kinda stuff lol.

RanaA... RanaAurora

CoolMommy, normally I would agree, but the issue is that there wasn't very much ACTUAL dancing at all.

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