Apple iTunes Beatles Announcement: Who Cares?

The BeatlesRumors were right, this morning Apple announced the music of The Beatles is now available for download on iTunes.

Oh happy day for Steve Jobs and Beatles fans everywhere, right?

Well, perhaps not quite so happy for Apple's marketing folks who put in so much time and energy creating buzz and anticipation for the big announcement. There were countdown clocks and clues teasing everyone into speculating about just what their big announcement would be.

Only when the hour finally arrived, it fell a little flat ... as iTunes had all the music ready for download about 30 minutes before Apple made its announcement.

Oops, a little premature jump of the warm gun there?


Admittedly, it's kind of funny to see such a massive fail, and one can only wonder whose heads are rolling up at Apple right now.

But really, is The Beatles on iTunes that big of a deal to deserve all this hype?

It doesn't quite seem to live up to the promise that today is a day "that you'll never forget," now does it? It's quite unlikely that one day your children are going to ask where you were when The Beatles music finally became live on iTunes.

The music of The Beatles is indisputably amazing -- dispute it if you want, but it is. You may not love it, but it was history making, legendary stuff. So it was a little weird not to have it available on iTunes.

But it was also kind of cool that it wasn't on iTunes.

It wasn't convenient that when my daughter really NEEDED to hear "Hey Jude" over and over and over that I couldn't just download it to my iPod and had to bust out my CD. But I also felt like it kind of gave the Fab Four some sort of respect they deserved, that it set them apart from all the others out there turning out tunes.

So yes, being able to get any song on a whim with a click is convenient, but it's not going to change anyone's life.

Any true Beatles fan would already have all the albums/CDs downloaded to their iPod anyway.

It seems like a bit more of a coup for Steve Jobs who finally got what he wanted than anything else.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I might not have already, perhaps, maybe, downloaded "Let It Be."

Do you think the announcement about The Beatles on iTunes deserves all the hype?

Image via iTunes

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